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wed 25 dec 02

+ you know, there are some holidays when you just shouldn't *ever* look at news reports. this seems to be one of them. go with my good grace, make a happy holiday. ignore the below linkage.

+ times of india: a black christmas.

+ santa fe new mexican: the rest of new mexico got socked, we got a miss.

+ santa fe new mexican: sunshine cloud smith has passed away. relative of chief ouray, and crazy horse ... and was present at the death of f.d.r.

+ msn slate: the atheist christmas challenge.

+ ny times editorial: peace on earth. "most of us naturally assume that the search for universal peace lies in the hands of governments and the men and women who shape them. but the premise of this very day is that the search for universal peace begins within each of us."

+ ny times: on a lighter note, some want eggnog, some want lye-cured cod.

+ ny times: u.s. issues rule over disputes on federal lands. "conservation groups and other critics maintain that the rule will allow states to claim ownership of roads in national parks and on other public lands, permitting them to use right-of-way claims to prevent land from becoming designated and protected as wilderness ..."

+ ny times: and in a new burst of fiscal chicanery, bush seeks tax cuts *and* an increase in the national debt limit.

+ ny times: merry xmas, top 1%. white house aides push for 50% cut in dividend taxes.

+ no snow in santa fe for xmas, but a distinct thick frost. when the clouds cleared, the sandia crest above albuquerque is so white it almost blends in with the sky. the views from the house here are beautiful.