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sat 21 dec 02

+ ny times: what's doing in santa fe.

+ ny times: a regulator takes aim at the hazards of s.u.v.'s. "when a light truck hits a car in the side, an occupant of the car is 29 times more likely to die than a person in the truck ..."

+ ny times: rumsfeld, outdone by the american military-industrial complex.

+ ny times: a marked shift of power to the executive branch. "... mr. bush would find there is 'a price you pay' for being a power center in washington."

+ reuters: happy days may not be here again in 2003.

+ reuters: western culture causes acne. eat an aboriginal diet; be healthy.

+ "the unbearable lightness of panhandling." ah, you had to be there.

+ anecdote: the other day, i happened to be sitting outside the bathroom at the la fonda hotel, waiting for a friend. i had one of my trekking poles with me, and a bag of recently-bought items at my feet. a nice little old lady stopped, looked me in the eyes, and dropped a tenner in my bag. i gave it back to her, explaining that my trekking pole was not a blind person's walking stick. she was a little embarrassed, i was quite titillated. as a result, i'm seriously considering throwing over web design and programming for being a shill.

+ the xmas season is bearing down on the populace of santa fe. seen today, whilst driving around ... a salvation army person, moving his bucket *inside* a store to stay warm. then, he just didn't have the energy to ring the bell. just gave everyone baleful looks. also, a sprightly middle-aged couple in a convertible audi, buying groceries and driving home with the top down. did i mention they were wearing perky santa hats? parking antics like you've never seen. the curb-climbing ability of the most low-end s.u.v. was in overdrive today. humanity, when under pressure, is dangerous ... and hilarious to watch.

+ smells like snow this evening. we had a bit more than a dusting last night, so cold as to leave light ice crystals drifting over hill and dale. i went for a walk early, froze my ears off ... but was the first making tracks. i don't think the joy of being 'first' to break virgin snow will ever diminish.

+ been up and at 'em since the crack of dawn today. now sitting with my pint of guinness, beginning to get somewhat conversational, y'know?

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have *four* shopping days until christmas [including xmas day, for those extreme lateniks who take advantage of online gift certificates].