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sun 15 dec 02

+ sunset this evening. more red, really, but jpg won't stretch that far:

sunset, december 15, santa fe

+ ny times: gore to announce he will not run for president in '04. cnn story. reuters. washington post.

+ 3:10 mst: television stations are saying 'no gore in '04' ... al has chosen not to throw his hat in the ring this time.

+ as oddball would say (kelly's heroes): "them negative waves, man." too many negative waves in the news today; it's bringing me down. off to do other things.

+ women's enews: all nobel prize winners are male - once again.

+ bagelhole.org. "by collecting and sharing low-tech, alternative, sustainable information we hope to help each other build a low-tech, alternative, sustainable infrastructure glocally to prepare for the inevitable future collapse and to facilitate the transformation to a loving human family." a fabulous site.

+ edie: lichens accurately measure air pollution.

+ iol: forgotten, saddam's most terrible war crime.

+ boston globe: exxonmobil drops funding for pbs 'masterpiece theatre'. they may have to consider 30-second spots.

+ ny times: war names. looks like clausewitz answers my question about 'civilized society' and 'hit list.' doesn't mean i have to like it, however.

+ ny times op-ed: north korea can't wait. finally, someone raps the administration on this point.

+ ny times: al qaeda in south america? getting close to that mexican border.

+ ny times: the first step to cutting reliance on oil. check the pic. i like 'swoop' as much as the next guy, but you'd think the car companies would develop a high profile 4wd fuel cell concept first. replace the s.u.v., eh?

+ santa fe new mexican: prc holds alternative energy hearing. as i write this, the wind is screaming past my windows, uncaptured. at least 15, gusting to 30 or so. the jemez mountains [volcanic] to the northwest, could be tapped for geothermal energy.

+ santa fe new mexican: less help paying heating bills this year in new mexico. for those doing the 'economy watch' ... over 5,000 more applicants this year than last.

+ smallpox.gov.

+ reuters: bin laden tops white house 'hit list.' somehow, i have a hard time reconciling 'civilized society' and 'hit list.' or maybe it's just a touch of utopian indigestion.

+ cnn: cell phone 'glow' technology could light up televisions.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have ten shopping days until christmas. getting down to the wire for posting gifts.