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sat 14 dec 02

+ slow day today. i think i'll try and go lott-less tomorrow. have a great evening.

+ just got back from christmas shopping (again), and wanted to relate something really cool i found at one of the art museum gift shops: edward gorey christmas cards. too late for me to use them this year, darn it. distributed by pomegranate.com. next year. they're so macabre and fun. they would go so perfectly with santa fe's christmas ravens.

+ got other things to do than blog today, so i'm going to do them. see you later.

+ xact communications: wristlinx watch and vox radio.

+ hammacher schlemmer: the 5 foot, 180 degree monitor. a cool 20k.

+ sunspot: lott serves democrats best as g.o.p. leader. "lott was even worse on the larry king show on wednesday night. king had to remind lott who the republican presidential nominee was in 1948 ..."

+ roll call online: bush repeating reagan's deficit spending strategy. oh, god ... back to the '80's. bush is packing us with supply-siders, a circumstance i never would have expected to ever happen again. now we're aiming for the red ink, damn the torpedoes.

+ as i have time this winter, i believe i'll back up these statements with some digital photos, so you can understand where my opinion is coming from. my apologies to the regulars who have heard this rant way too many times.

+ what i'm trying to say below is, both sides of this argument are whacked. fire is obviously the best, natural means of getting our forests healthy again. but we live in proximity to the state forests here in new mexico, and those forests are not just sprinkled with luxury vacation cabins; there are towns, hamlets, camps, religious retreats, universities, science stations ... there is a whole spectrum of human habitations are inextricably linked with our forests. a fireproof roof and 150 feet of cleared space. mention that to anyone in northern new mexico, and we'll think you're an idiot. on the flip side, 'traditional' loggers and their leavings will scar the landscape here for years [slash is an even better, hotter fuel than our choked forest floors]. i still have marks through my front piñon grove from a construction truck that drove through two years ago [i can show you the single wheels up front, the duallies in the back from the marks that still stand today]. hell, the original santa fe trail is still visible as dual ruts across wide swaths of new mexico. plants and trees are hardy in the desert, yet fragile when it comes to human incursions. i wish i had a better answer than controlled burns (virtually impossible with the state of our forests in new mexico today) and judicious, low-impact thinning and clearing in populated areas. for it to be done right, nobody will make a profit from the wood and slash gathered ... which puts the entire weight of the operation on the government. i sincerely doubt, with our mba administration, that any such profitless operation would ever go forward, even if the 'moral and right' thing to do.

+ upi: disarming environmentalists. i take exception to some things stated here: "thinning public forested lands will not stop the damage to homes and private lands that makes headlines in the summer." as i've said before during fire season (whilst choking on smoke), the bankrupt forestry protection practices of the past have given us choked, tangled forest floors that have been unnaturally prohibited from burning. many of our forests are in a significantly unnatural, volatile state. the fires we have had over the past few years burn significantly hotter, faster, because of these fuels. fireproof roofs, and 150 feet clearance? tell that to the folks who lost houses in los alamos. these fires burn so hot, in winds so brisk they jump miles. as for the feds, their 'thinning' plans include trees up to 20" in diameter (last time i looked)? that's not thinning, that's logging. clearing fuels means clearing away the unusable crap lying on the ground, the undergrowth. here in the southwest, rot happens very, very slowly. i walk on trails lined with the mummified remains of last year's dog poop; imagine how long it takes a 16" lodgepole to decay. for thinning, the diameter would depend on the species. an aspen at 8" could be a grandfather, whereas a lodgepole at 8" may be a teen. you can't do proper thinning by a 'simple' diameter measurement.

+ ny times: extracting the poison from white racism. carol m. swain has her own website. some are not so wild about her book. and, for informative purposes, the origins of affirmative action, and talking about affirmative action. contrast with recent jobs numbers, linked many times before.

+ sourceforge: object-oriented php.

+ wired: keeping track of john poindexter. posting the private information of the head of 'total information awareness.'

+ hot hardware: the asus 52x cd-rw drive.

+ the nation: the conservative imagination. review of "letters to a young conservative." an excellent saturday read, if you have the time.

+ times of india: iran invites the iaea to inspect nuke plants. "the activities of the islamic republic are totally transparent, clear and peaceful and there is no secret and obscure point about it."

+ ny times op-ed: the selective conscience.

+ ny times: barbara morgan, 'backup teacher' for christa mcauliffe, will finally have her shot at space.

+ ny times: b.k.s. iyengar.

+ ny times: the honda element. targeted to generation y, the 'most obese generation,' who "... made it like a bed, so you could go out and get down to business." the visuals dredged up by that text, all that commingled cellulite, is not pleasant. no built-in condom dispensers, however.

+ ny times: reactions to apology .php#4 from trent lott. tom delay, "i think the whole issue is so shallow that people are figuring it out." yes, we're figuring out lott's perception of civil rights, and through their inaction, the republican party's perception as well.

+ santa fe new mexican: a fish who can regenerate new heart tissue, may lead to new therapies.

+ reuters: north korea says bond movie insults korea.

+ cnn: north korea "is ready to deliver 'bitter defeat and death' to a threatening united states." maybe north korea is jealous of the attention iraq's getting, and wants to be a bigger threat.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have eleven shopping days until christmas.