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tue 10 dec 02

ain't much, but it's better. can't stand a short blog day.

the peninsula [qatar]: give us islamic sportswear, women tell firms. swimming in a burqa would be no joke; it comes down to a definition of 'modesty.'

toronto star: iraqis find solace in american music. britney spears, eminem. "if just once I could visit hollywood, my life would be complete." oh, for heaven's sake ...

pagesix: winona's doctor in denial. understatement.


bbc: digital salvation for aboriginal art.

miami.com: u.s. troop buildup in the horn of africa.

neftegaz.ru: the trans-afghanistan gas pipeline project.

zoology fantastique. images are under 'index.'

theban mapping project. also, remember my old link to the theban royal mummy project.

american prospect: put a face on your fears. "thus we start with the environment and public works committee, where the incoming chairman views punching more holes in the ozone layer as just a good day's work."

scientific american: air pollution triggers dna changes in mice.

today was international human rights day.

well, that was a day shot to hell. let me see what i can find to make up for the lack of postings.

gotta scram.

globe and mail: the secret life of nonreaders.

times of india: russia tests intercontinental ballistic missile.

times of india: britain asks nationals to leave ivory coast. this country used to be quite stable; if a rwanda is brewing, should the west be going there to stabilize, rather than pulling out to let matters take their deadly course?

esquire.com: you'll probably see this link everywhere, in weblogs and web journals ... why are these men laughing?

times of india: iran says the u.s. wants to install 'another dictator' in iraq. i would hope once burned, twice shy.

which, just as an aside, i had a poor benighted anonymous individual accuse me of not being a weblog the other day, because of my lack of item-level permalinks. quote: "you're just a hand-coded web journal masquerading as a proper weblog. you don't even use weblog software." *sniff* odds bodkins, this individual cut me to the quick! item-level permalinks are on the agenda, but it won't necessarily be through popular weblog software. since when has 'roll-your-own, in your own time' been a sin? but seriously, maybe it's true ... my content is worth less to the community because it can't be linked directly. i'll work on it in my 'gobs of spare time.' [i thought bill might enjoy this.]

i've got a meeting to get to, so i don't have time to do a 'proper' job of weblogging at the moment.

ny times letters to the editor: a germ-free greeting. back to the future.

ny times: free content online?

ny times: "there is no fundamental right to a continued opportunity for exoneration throughout the course of one's natural life." rakoff is a clinton appointee.

ny times: administration proposes rules that can alter pension plans. don't count on your pensions, oldsters. i hope you raised your kids to be amenable to 'waltons'-style life; that's where this administration seems to want to take us.

santa fe new mexican: a sort of follow-up to that link yesterday. would-be border crossers fear vigilante groups. the administration must move soon to seal our southern border more effectively, and prevent needless deaths. if not for terrorist or humanitarian sake, then for the 'war on drugs.'

santa fe new mexican: the anti-politician, our exiting governor gary johnson. he left us in the black, about as good a performance as one can expect in these times. thank you for your service, sir.

ny times: ruling in australia may have big impact on web news sites. 'libel and the weblogger,' coming soon to a screen near you.

reuters: republican senator shelby says congressional 9/11 report too soft on cia and fbi.

cnn: reeve's brain function defies expectation.

cnn: mel gibson will make a fourth mad max film. movie execs always get the motivation of the audience wrong; the road warrior's attraction was that australian ford with the supercharger-on-a-clutch. every teen greasemonkey in america wanted that car.

web file browser [php].

fisherman's friends and coffee, the 'power' breakfast. day eight of the cold. am i complaining? sure as shootin' ...

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have fifteen shopping days until christmas.