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mon 09 dec 02

the geminids are here. thnx, j.


back from the supermarket, i have one request (in uppercase): will someone PLEASE give mannheim steamroller's address to al-qaeda? if i hear that synth version of 'deck the halls' one more time, i'll go postal.

i really need to dig up a new bunch of random quotes for the nav bar, don't i?

la times: up in arms at the mexican border. i worry about self-styled 'vigilantes' and untrained 'weekend warriors' playing god with guns ["i've got the .45, i decide if you live or die, josé."]. but our southern border is porous, and looking at it from a terrorist's perspective, it allows one-day access to some of our larger metropolitan areas. *somebody* must step in. i've said it before; i find it singularly strange that the bush administration hasn't lifted a finger in this direction. terrorists have a habit of using easy, low-cost and commonly-overlooked methods. right now, the path of least resistance is over our mexican/u.s. border. i pray such a circumstance never occurs.

la times: trouble with ephedra.

scotsman online: africans produce wildlife 'miracle.' the world's largest wilderness reserve, at over 38,000 square miles, the greater limpopo transfrontier peace park. "visitors from all over the world will be able to enjoy the biggest slice of paradise here on earth. that canít be bad." outstanding. and deserving of more headlines than i've run across. later: they even have a website already. the elephant's child will be happy, free to visit the great grey-green greasy limpopo river in perpetuity ...

arianna online: the righteous wrath of john mccain. "... trying to change the system is like trying to take heroin from a heroin addict."

reuters: study links phthalates to sperm damage. obviously, it's better that benjamin didn't get into plastics ...

cnn: suit against cheney task force dismissed. we have the right to know who cheney did and did not talk to. after all, we pays the bills - and we end up bailing out the corporate robber barons when their schemes go wrong. straightforward accountability to the folks who pay your salary, dick.

stoning vs. electrocution. 'cruel and unusual' persists in the west, too. methods of execution by state. death penalty history. is the death penalty a deterrent?

for the holmes enthusiast, a 'dancing men' font. or anything you need to store in a simple code.

the good, the bad and the ugly. a nice little site to point clients to, if they don't understand the benefits of purchasing quality fonts.

screwed around with phoenix 0.5 this morning, but it's way too pokey compared with mozilla 1.2.1 - on my system, anyway. the zope management interface crawls; nice small memory footprint though. i'll wait for the next iteration, and try again.

fffbi. i've always been suspicious of all the ravens flying around my neighborhood ...

washington times: ashcroft vs. civil liberties. "santa fe's city council enacted 'a resolution supporting the bill of rights and civil liberties for santa feans.' it instructs the city's congressional delegation to 'actively monitor the implementation of mr. ashcroft's u.s.a. patriot act, any new executive orders ... and actively work for the repeal of those portions that violate the guaranteed civil liberties enumerated in the bill of rights.'" despite being a conservative rag, the times comes up with a doozy once in a while.

beyond prejudice.

washington post letters to the editor: fixing social security long-term. the author was a former commissioner of the social security administration. another authoritative information point to bookmark and refer to as rhetoric heats up.

nandotimes: women still waiting for the right to vote in kuwait.

asia times: a lesson on islamic schools.

usa today: job hunt gets harder for african-americans. "african-americans tend to be the last to be hired when the economy is booming. that means they also tend to be the first to lose their jobs when a downturn hits. in fact, the black unemployment rate is typically twice the overall unemployment rate." oh yeah, the american business landscape is colorblind ... though, i wonder what the unemployment rate is for women, now that you mention it ...

washington times: fear of casualties hampers hunt for taliban, al-qaeda. "military lawyers started playing a larger role in reviewing and recommending against direct action missions."

ny times: the nativity, now chasing the rockettes.

sourceforge: xml/xslt web services framework.

freshmeat: mailmaster, menstruation calendar, email auto responder [perl].

slashdot: freebsd 5 rc 1.

times of india: u.s. to give list of sites to u.n. inspectors.

guardian.uk: the corporatization of the muppets.

philly.com: question for book award judges: is reading really necessary? will you ever take kinsley at slate seriously again?

my head's still clogged, so if that thinking isn't the clearest, forgive me. another foggy thought: if reyes had come forth in '89, and the rest of the defendants were white, how would the case have been different? would they have been acquitted instantly, because an individual of color confessed? the permutations itch my cerebellum, and raise atticus finch in my literary memory.

new york times op-ed: that terrible time. i don't agree; and i'm having a hard time putting my disagreement into the usual prose. the rule of law is the rule of law in spite of a city's prejudice or opinion; yet i'd be foolish to assume that such motivations don't drive prosecutors and law officials. running around at night mugging people is bad, but the severity of the prosecuted crime here is a couple of magnitudes beyond that [violent rape, almost murder] ... i keep detecting a flavor of unspoken opinion in articles on this subject that "they were black youths breaking the law. lock 'em up, throw away the key. the crime doesn't matter. they were guilty of *something.*" i had a surgeon once joke with me, that i should get on the operating table even though perfectly healthy because "everyone has something wrong with them, if you cut deep enough." i feel both ideas are horribly wrong. in addition, the original case struck fear in new yorkers, the sight of groups of young black men was considered life-threatening. "wilding." now, my fears of such are replaced with a fear of the district attorney's office, the police evidence-gathering techniques, the vehemence of public opinion ... collecting evidence that fits the assumed crime only, ignoring evidence to the contrary ... and to me, that's much worse. in our new 'homeland security' environment, we need our miranda rights more than ever.

new york times editorial: rollback on forest law.

santa fe new mexican: catholic charities' mentor mom program. what a beautifully wonderful, simple idea. this would probably do more, once widely available, to reduce the number of abortions than picketing clinics. i hope fundamentalists are observing this.

ny times: a sudden streak of red warms a cold garret. alas, if it were only true. *cough*

ny times: giving the plastic gift: weary shoppers rely on gift cards.

seems to me santa fe has been much colder than 'seasonable' for the last three weeks. then again, maybe i just have to adjust to the fact that winter is really just about here, after all.

still coughing.

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have sixteen shopping days until christmas.