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fri 06 dec 02

ah, a couple from willie and joe. a copy of 'up front' should be on everyone's shelf.

"combat barbie head." don't ask me; it popped up in a search.

then again, i still enjoy 'journey to the center of the earth.'

aw, rats. missed opportunity. in the friday newspaper, i realize i've missed a landmark event: "christmas with pat boone." live, eight o'clock tonight. at camel rock casino. yowza. talk about a rockin' evening ...

chicago trib: the $50 cocktail.

likin' lichens.

bar stool: something davy crockett stepped in.

expatica.com: belgium to phase out nuclear power. "the shutdown plan follows fears of nuclear accidents, the risk of radioactive material falling into the hands of terrorists, and the problem of nuclear waste which is difficult to dispose of and remains radioactive for thousands of years."

webref javascript sniffer. view the source to see it.

oh, i'm so tired of coughing.

black news online: is 'homeland security' an oxymoron? excellent points.

hhmi bulletin: the evolutionary war.

oh, ya gotta check out balloonhat.com.

'course, noone's asked the farmers about global warming, now have they? wallace's farmer: climate change could double corn costs. there's something i'd like to do ... have a sit-down with an old farmer and talk about weather trends. but in the face of factory farms, are there any old farmers left?

hey global warming fans, get this: high co2 levels may retard plant growth. more good stuff at science blog.

iht: among the darkly hip, don't forget a flashlight. comforting to see that black is still a way of life on both coasts. i still prefer to program in the dark; shades of my a/v days. i think i'd like that hotel.

freshmeat: phpwebthings, pythonchess, qt-quran.

iht: the importance of the fashion show.


the register: sodomites overrun amazon. but ...

gotta go to some meetings ... back later.

ace's hardware: a quick look at the 1.25 ghz powermac. current top-of-the-line athlon and intel setups are still faster, no matter the marketing hype.

zdnet: more linux desktops on the way. more isn't always better, when dealing with 'average' consumers, methinks.

slashdot: sandia's smart heat pipe.

village voice: review of 'catfight, women and competition.'

scotsman.com: german publishers win right to use potter name. use for educational purposes.

guardian.uk: out of this world. the kronos quartet, and the music of the universe.

artnews: net gains. digital art recognized; a mention of site santa fe.

times of india: mass grave discovered in ivory coast. will the world allow another rwanda to occur? i pray not.

times of india: war with iraq could cost $2 trillion dollars. "the macroeconomic impact, which includes employment, could benefit the united states by $17 billion, or in an unfavorable situation, cost $391 billion."

ny times editorial: injustice in the jogger case. as opposed to the opinions of some conservative commentators, modern forensics brought this about ... not a 'liberal/media plot.' note some refuse to even mention the all-important three little letters: d, n, a.

new york times letters to the editor: a basic right affirmed.

word of the day: orotund. OR-uh-tund.

ny times: bush's plan on global warming needs work and money.

ny times: america's oldest form of writing?

ny times: new findings on acrylamides.

ny times: beach houses in winter.

santa fe new mexican: mining companies looking to americas for growth. fear of terrorism. just what we need; more tailing piles, more acid runoff ...

reuters: o'neill gone, lindsey gone. and our economy?

reuters: unemployment rate soars to 6 percent.

everyone's saying 'customize that google site search code.' i just might, though i like having a wide input box for queries ...

cold's still hanging on. one wakes up feeling like they've slept with sludge.

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have nineteen shopping days until christmas. start thinking about e-commerce solutions to your gift giving?