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wed 04 dec 02

cnn: save "old glory." respect your elders, eh?

seven horses of highly effective people.

works by plutarch. "'yes,' said cicero, 'i exercised my eloquence in declaiming upon a bad subject.'"

freesticky: syndicate your content with php and mysql.

scoop: women's right to choose under severe attack. "... from the moment of conception on, these procedures in their view, can be criminalized." so 'partial-birth' is a trojan horse to allow legal semantic-wrangling, circumventing roe vs. wade?

women's enews: indigenous women convene summit in mexico. "this is really triple discrimination: being poor, being a woman and being indigenous."

new scientist: fresh evidence in bhopal disaster. oh, yeah ... corporations look out for our welfare. oh, yeah ... we don't need government oversight - consumer groups can stop this type of thing. [not.]

femail.co.uk: why baby is the best medicine. if you think you've got challenges, read this.

ghosttowngallery.com. digging in the new mexico gallery, cerrillos and galisteo are *not* ghost towns. now, glorieta has a ghost town, an abandoned city center about six miles north. not in this selection, however. but the site is a fun look-see.

sloan digital sky survey skyserver.

video game music archive.

la times: environmentalists sue to keep curbs on snowmobiles in two national parks. what's wilderness without clean air and silence?

theatrenow: theatre cats.

ibm developerworks: python persistence management.

wired: holiday e-cards, handle with care. make sure your anti-virus software is up to snuff, for the holiday season.

one suggestion, riffing off that link below.

the new yorker: magic kingdoms. "all our fairy tales are fractured now. but then it seems they always were."

thewhig.com: children in arts programs do better in math.

boston globe: the royal flush.

atlanta journal-constitution: u.n. to conserve statues.

philly.com: orchestra had a very wet spring. "in five minutes, enough water was produced to fill the steinway grand on stage with several inches of water." good thing they weren't playing this.

ny times: court hears argument in campaign finance law case. "... a lawyer for the republican national committee, told a three-judge panel of the u.s. court of appeals that his party would have to lay off 40 percent of its staff by the end of the year because of the new restrictions." poor pitiful pearl.

ny times: administration suggests faster pace on emission worries. worrying faster won't do much. [grin]

ny times: sids link to drinking.

reuters: u.s. states with more gun owners have more murders. obviously, there are other underlying trends here. but it is of interest, nonetheless.

santa fe new mexican: u.n. official blames maquiladora labor policies for endangering women. the u.s. also should be looking into this. 75 women are dead; what an uproar this would cause in america, eh? yet this is occurring just over our southern border.

santa fe new mexican: a fun snowfall.

cnn: supreme court reviews punishment of anti-abortion protesters.

cnn: "when you ride alone, you ride with bin laden."

feeling a bit better today. thanks for the 'get well' messages.

weather service says there may be more on sunday.

first view this morning, out the window:

snow, santa fe.

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have twenty one shopping days until christmas.