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mon 02 dec 02

the persian wars, by herodotus. full text online. also, 'a democratic timocratic monarchical oligarchy.' just killing a bit of time at the moment.

i had fun reading 'a linguistic big bang.'

csm: "why shouldn't the government be able to monitor citizens at least as well as a credit card company does?" get another mccarthy in congress, and who knows what purchasing trends might identify a 'terrorist.' time to study up on the freedom of information act.

the humidor computer. tobacco-free and nicer looking than your garden variety pc clone.

2020 hindsight: nice bryce.

cnn: small study links biking to male infertility. notice they point up mountain biking specifically. extreme biking can, well, devalue your jewels. that's pretty obvious. i wouldn't stop bicycling in general as a result of this single study.

washington times: a facial mud-pack recipe used to restore taj mahal. ?!!


bbc: muslim cleric held after nigeria riots. the riots were more about political influence than bikinis.

about.com: everyday activism.

'tis all i have time for at the moment.

investigating the renaissance.

dp review tests the latest 1.5 and 3 gig cf cards.

freshmeat: formulator 1.3.0 [zope], zope weather applet, freemarker [java servlets], gphoto.

the register: fujitsu to replace 300,000 faulty hdd's.

boston globe: the god of new things. looking at hinduism.

times of india: u.s. unhappy with continued pakistani support of terrorism. the united states, by supporting pakistan, is financing terrorism, plain and simple. are we condemned to continually repeat history, by supporting 'convenient' dictators?

the economist: the colosseum is not (yet) for sale.

new york times: krugman, from the other day: in media res. yes, yes, yes. letter to the editor.

new york times: killing with kindness? not your average beer-chugging hunters. there's also an editorial on the subject, bambi's mother in the crosshairs.

santa fe new mexican: aclu experiences a membership surge in the wake of september 11. "among them are conservatives who made the phrase 'card-carrying member of the aclu' a political insult, but who now are signing up." mwah-hah-hah. never say 'never.'

santa fe new mexican: the war against dwi.

reuters: china and russia urge north korea to drop nuclear program. "but a joint declaration after a beijing summit also sent a strong message to the united states, urging washington and north korea to normalize ties and stick by a 1994 pact which each accuses the other of breaking."

cnn: supreme court could make miranda warnings a thing of the past. not good.

grey, low clouds here this morning, horizon to horizon.

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have twenty three shopping days until christmas.