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tue 26 nov 02

i'll have to interrupt my postings here. too much to do here in the office.

dp review posts its sigma sd-9 (foveon) review.

freshmeat: python imaging library, gimp-print.

popular science: creating the battle of helm's deep.

times of india: the state of zamfara, in nigeria, has issued a fatwa (death sentence) against the reporter who wrote the 'miss world' editorial.

times of india: u.s. lets pakistan off the hook over korean ties. there are dictators in general, and then there are dictators who are strategically useful.

national post: artist and gallery in row over show name. the gallery took the name from one of the artist's pieces, but the name is ... well, read for yourself.

enough new york times. i'd link krugman today, too ...

ny times letters to the editor: health care takes a bigger bite.

ny times: a mummy's bequest, poems from a master.

ny times: perils lurking for the outdoor adventurer. my personal prescription for folks coming to high altitude: drink lots of water. lots. and reduce your normal alcohol consumption by at least half.

ny times: u.s. seeks to abolish tariffs. "... the bush administration may also be trying to regain credibility on free-trade issues, after giving into demands for protectionist measures from the steel industry and from american farmers earlier this year." this administration loves extremes.

santa fe new mexican: colombia's largest oil pipeline dynamited.

ny times: government deletes web site material to push abstinence. heaven forfend anyone should know how to use a condom. obviously, we should also stop teaching about the proper use of seatbelts ... it might encourage reckless driving.

ny times: states are facing fiscal crises. as i've mentioned before, this is one of the issues that *should* have been brought up before the election.

ny times: cast blame. watch it boomerang.

time's shadow links an older hillman interview, and a good article on teaching moral reasoning to students. thanks, dave.

another cold morning. there were rumors of snow, but none appeared at my altitude. the mountains might have gotten some, however.