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sun 24 nov 02

just an offhand comment before signing off; if you have a convertible, get a propeller beanie. it won't do anything for your reputation, but it's darned fun. you might consider upgrading the operation to a ball-bearing assembly, however. 75 mph can wear through the grommets rather swiftly.

britishpathe.com. do peek in. you'll be glad you did.

speaking of old teddy, i don't think he'd favor weblogging: "to sit home, read one's favorite paper, and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, but it is markedly ineffective. it is what evil men count upon the good men's doing." - the outlook, december 21, 1895.

nj.com: environmentalists decry proposed grand canyon pipeline. they want to do this *within* the national park. teddy roosevelt, spinning at lightspeed in his grave, i'm sure.

abc news.au: the last of the surrealist painters dies. roberto matta. one, two, three.

sourceforge: quicksql.

slashdot: do people actually use their pda's? and, only thieves block pop-ups.

times of india: india imperiled by u.s. ignoring pak/north korea ties. pakistan picked up ballistic missile parts from north korea in july, with an american-built c-130 supplied for the 'war on terrorism.' and what did our president just say about dictators?

santa fe new mexican: u.s. and mexican officials worry about vigilantes hunting mexican immigrants. and some worry about foreign terrorists, when we have raised a generous crop of our own. will homeland security clean our own house?

ny times editorial observer: hell hath no fury like a victorious conservative.

holy caroly, yes!

well, with sandra on the mend, and undertaking preparations for a big family thanksgiving at chez vreeland, far southwest branch, i have little time for blogging this weekend. i know you'll understand.