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wed 20 nov 02

sorry for the lack of postings. my lovely wife took ill this morning, and we've spent the day at the emergency room. i've got her back home now (thank god). weblogging will, of course, be on a back burner over the next couple of days. if you find time in your busy schedule, please think some positive thoughts for sandra.

bbc: doctors want a gm crop ban.

bbc: churchill in 'war crimes' row. the world has gone whacky, via narrow-focus hindsight. what of roosevelt? truman? next on the menu: our founding fathers were terrorists?

sourceforge: picture metadata toolkit.

network world fusion: fedex freight delivers with linux.

freshmeat: cmf forum [zope], web2ldap [python].

slashdot: madhya pradesh switches to linux.

slashdot: fanwing planes?

new statesman: scandal, a scurrilous history of gossip.

city pages: questioning the popularity of young adult books among adults.

ny times op-ed: cracking open an oil tanker.

reagan quote, 4/14/83: "we are not trying to do anything to try and overthrow the nicaraguan government." the reagan administration illegally sold arms to iran. poindexter was party to those illegal machinations. reagan lied, violated campaign promises, broke the law; i am surprised that the 'rule of law' rightists still deify the man ... or trust those who were involved in this fiasco.

ny times letters to the editor: poindexter's past. that last paragraph is a doozy. a karl rove-ian view of history.

ny times letters to the editor: the kennedy image, updated. there may have been gruesome reality behind the myth, but that doesn't change the fact that we all shared in that myth. the last letter here pretty much sums it up; the kennedy years were golden. my earliest memories.

ny times: panel, citing health care crisis, presses bush to act.

ny times: suit seeks to block burning of chemical arms. "to help make anniston residents feel better, local officials said they would pass out gas masks and duct tape to seal homes." my italics. who's more dangerous, terrorists or our own army?

santa fe new mexican: fire guts galleries on canyon road.

ny times: byrd fills the forum with romans and wrath.

reuters: want to know the plot of the next potter book? making hay any way she can.

adobe sued by kpt. ironic that the breach is over a 'healing' brush.

strange day. lots of phone calls, strange meeting times. bloggage will be intermittent.