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thu 14 nov 02

who are you?
the new number two.
who is number one?
you are number six.
i am not a number. i am a free man.
ha, ha, ha, ha ...

an image to haunt your dreams, if you're a 'prisoner' fan.

thank goodness, i haven't run across the *blink* tag. but i've got an old airline sickness bag ready, just in case.

multiple redundant external style sheets, useless inline styles, font tags. oh, it's just lovely, thank you.

i'm taking over a site with 'dreamweaver disease': p tags wrapped around nonbreaking spaces, classes specced for every instance of p, b, i and u. the code's twice as weighty as it needs to be.

if you're looking for papascott, he's here temporarily.

allafrica: between shari'a and a beauty pageant. "... all the beauty queens will end up in a sharia court to answer charges of seduction leading to cardiac arrest."

chicago trib: black leaders take democrats to task.

voa: micro-credit plan to be made available to afghan women.

mozilla 1.3 alpha will have spam filters.




the sound of magic.


star tribune: the 13 days behind the historic minnesota election. i still wonder about the national effect rick kahn's little eulogy had.

usa today: more information on the prodigene biotech issue. scientists can't keep the genie in the bottle.

cnn: oil spill threatens spanish coast. double-hull tankers. now.

nj.com: epa agrees to issue tougher air quality standards.

voa: great depression photos at l.a. getty.

linux world: linus torvalds answers 10 goofy questions.

wired: bracing for ms patent suit attacks.

the register: hyper-threading, best thing since sliced thread? "does it make a difference? in terms of single, application-based 2d performance, no."

slashdot: contact your congresspeople and support the dmcra.

slashdot: incredible images of the sun.

shure e-series earphones. via mefi.

rafe points up a 'divine' photo of our president.

hindustan times: ancient chinese map of africa poses unanswered questions. "... some circumstantial evidence existed in south africa to suggest the chinese had navigated around africa long before bartolomeu dias rounded the cape of good hope in 1488." the chinese didn't have to contend with that 'falling of the edge of the earth' nonsense that we westerners were saddled with. maybe they even found prester john?

hindustan times: u.s. rejects north korean biological weapons reports.

hindustan times: jesus christ on a chapati. "miracles like these are not surprising in a land where ganesha can drink milk and allah appear on brinjals."

publisher's weekly: costco to publish book, but won't become book publisher. recommended by oprah? teasing. just teasing.

globe and mail: world meets to debate shakespeare portrait. has shakespeare's existence become a matter of faith?

bbc: the famous 'unplayed strat' has sold.

times.uk: history gets a life. "it is now time to recognise that biography is not lesser history, but one of its many branches. it uses the same tools; documents, diaries and correspondence. it employs much of the same methodology: research, comparison and interpretation." i find most modern biographies are emphasizing interpretation, requiring the cross-referencing of more than one biographer for any given subject.

santa fe new mexican: the power of powder.

reading safire, i'm reminded of a star trekism: "with the first link, the chain is forged. the first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably." - jean-luc picard. in .wav format, from star trek sounds.

ny times letters to the editor: will democrats learn? are police forces less effective because they are unionized?

ny times: in a second incident, corn to be destroyed near gene-altered site. prodigene, again. and again, no mention of the nature of the alteration. surfed over to the prodigene site ... this is one possibility. an interesting company. dig around.

ny times: daschle questions progress in the 'war on terror.' and about time.

reuters: after first baby, husband's share of housework key to marital harmony.

reuters: 6 year life expectancy gap due to smoking, hiv, diabetes.

cnn: bush rejects criticism of islamic faith.

cnn: bush warns north korea on fuel shipments.

for the chickenhawks: fortunate son.

referrer surf first this morning; got a breath of commander dave. right on. an article in which hitchens proves himself the 'armchair general.' complains about his wife's challenges, yet he wasn't in the country at the time. selling us a package of victimhood and paranoia. i ain't buyin'. oh, and 'fighting across town' ... i didn't hear about mothers in s.u.v.'s engaging enemy ground troops in washington d.c. on september 11, did you?