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tue 12 nov 02

some interesting accessories for digital cameras.

on the evening news, the ski areas are talking about opening early. perhaps they'll be able to make up for the really sour previous years.

my little digi doesn't have a very long telephoto, so this is cropped severely. but you can see the mountains are significantly schnockered with snow:

snow on the sangres, november 12

the economist: george bush's progress. "on his high horse." they turn a blind eye to corporate malfeasance, and the bush energy initiatives. the comment about 'hispanic states' ignores the california, new mexico and new jersey races.

reuters.com: bill maher in talks with hbo. maher looks light and fluffy compared to some of the online vitriol these days.

chicago trib: ralph reed was a quiet force behind g.o.p. success.

discovery: nasa cancels moon landing book.

space.com: new evidence that dark energy rules the universe.

msnbc: pooty-poot loses his composure, and suggests circumcision for a reporter.

la times: gene therapy undergoes a reevaluation.

black world today: u.s. dollars yielded unanimous u.n. vote. "fear of being accused of acting contrary to u.s. foreign policy interests plays a role 'not only for mauritius, but also for any country dependent on u.s. economic assistance' ..."

iht: read the second entry. sounds like ms. ryder has kleptomania issues.

freshmeat: mailmaster.

splorp's got a nice one.

zen stories.

powerlabs.org. why sit and watch mindless television, when you could play with some of this stuff?

scirus.com. a search device 'for science only.' worthy of a bookmark.

bangkok post: gm crops under fire after cotton venture fails. "but farmers who have grown bt cotton in central india have found that the crop is not resistant to pests and they have been advised by the seed company to spray insecticides." my emphases. monsanto, of course.

independent.uk: tramp's body may end up in art show.

sourceforge: phpformgenerator.

rootprompt: give spammers a dose of their own medicine? after the deluge i experienced this weekend, i think we should *all* run this. hook it up, if you have the capability.

linux journal: open office project update.

the register: amd ships mobile athlon xp 2200+.

spiked-online: pooh-poohing postmodernism.

operation clambake: the online baloney detection kit. i would add, simple respect for others whilst in argument would be a good addition.

sorry; got sidetracked by work. *grin*.

washington post: wither southern literature?

scotsman.uk: enjoy the music, but don't be duped into buying the brand.

ny times letters to the editor: election fallout. national election, worldwide impact.

ny times letters to the editor: scrutiny at the borders. sans hard evidence, i guess being a member of the 'axis of evil' is enough?

santa fe new mexican: straight from the heart. just read it. fantastic.

ny times: *two* peak periods for the leonid meteor shower this year.

ny times: study challenges theory linking occupation to suicide.

ny times: a writer who catalogs remarkable trees. check the baobab shot.

ny times: out of control, deer send ecosystems into chaos. "except in a few favorable situations, sharpshooting, trapping, birth-control darts, repellents and other tactics are not having a big impact, he and other experts say."

ny times: iraq attempting to buy antidote for nerve gas.

reuters: foods cooked at high heat linked to inflammation.

cnn: teen burns self in 'jackass' type stunt. as other webloggers have said, so many times: darwin in action. mtv's fast-shuffle is laughable ... of course a kid is going to want to 'one-up' the movie or show.

cnn: northern exposure's "ruth ann" has passed away. "phillips overcame polio, peritonitis, a ruptured aorta and, at age 81, a broken hip and wrist from being hit by a car." a strong, charismatic individual. rest in peace.

clear, cold. back into the working fold.