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fri 08 nov 02

reuters: hi-tech smells success in republican congress.

reuters: the police will reunite for three songs, to mark their induction into the rock and roll hall of fame.

reuters: ah, bavarian music. and bavarian partner-swapping. no wonder the bavarian lodge is so popular up in taos ... [just teasing].

steve's digicams: first look at the sigma sd-9. sample photos are detailed, but i'd want greater rez, like a 6mp or higher foveon.


cnn: turkish general warns islamists. a bastion of stability, turkey. the armed forces have carried out three coups since 1960.

stickysauce berates lycos insite pro paid inclusion.

a hand-coder at builder.com rates dreamweaver mx.

webmasterbase looks at ez publish [php cms].

xml.com: xml and websites.

space.com: why a mars rock hits earth every month. little green men with trebuchets.

voa: president bush hosts an iftaar dinner to celebrate the start of ramadan. a nice gesture.

ny post gossip: scroll down to the biblical 'cat and dog' story.

national women's health information center: government policies show weak effect on teen sex. "neighborhood context seems to be a more important determinant of adolescent female sexual behavior than the direct incentives created through government policies." fix the economy, and you might reduce teen sex.

fashion.telegraph.uk: the fearless new face of kabul. check the pic. looks like the frida kahlo continuous-eyebrow look is in. i only hope the mustache isn't as popular ...

msnbc: afghan war faltering.

washington post: democratic catastrophe. well put.

sourceforge: python imap email client. think i've linked this before; oh well.

mit technology review: dspace.

linux productivity: zope, quick and simple. nice little intro to zope, if you're curious.

wired: los alamos in the hot seat again. linked because i've been slapped for not properly reporting news items in my geographic area (wince).

environmental news network: arctic town to get electricity from tidal power.

columbia journalism review: going long, going deep. the 'success' of atlantic monthly.

ny times: on profit, loss, and the mysteries of the mind.

ny times op-ed: krugman, into the wilderness.

ny times: north sea cod are being fished into extinction.

ny times: labor opens a drive to organize wal-mart.

santa fe new mexican: great. the folks in new york who have plague live in my area, eldorado. the neighborhood's on the south side of the development, about two miles away. i've been putting off buying an air rifle to reduce the population of rock squirrels; i guess i'll have to reprioritize that. or just put out poison. damn. i had mentioned to bill in an email that i bet these folks had dogs; that guess was right on. seeing as how fleas go dormant or die in cold weather, this had to be propagated by poor pet flea control.

ny times: looks like senator jeffords will be the butt of some republican retribution. vermont should not have to suffer from poor sportsmanship.

ny times: the u.n. iraq resolution is passed unanimously.

reuters: interpol thinks al-qaeda is planning major strikes.

reuters: gun-toting grandad gets his terrorist squirrel. good for grandpa. once upon a time, i got chased by a whacko black squirrel on the princeton university campus; i thought my younger brother and his friend were going to split their sides laughing. bizarre behavior for a squirrel. i don't think i've completely trusted them since.

got a pc? a digital camera? play with dce autoenhance. i like the ability to apply photographic filters by name (#12, etc), as well as the noise reduction features. fooling with the trial at the moment, comparing the quality to what i accomplish in photoshop.

let's see ... get up, grab my coffee, startup the windows box, check email. "teeth bleaching really WORKS" ... i'll consult my dentist, thank you. "cure work stagnation" ... sorry, too late. got a flyer from the bellagio in las vegas; that's sounds like more fun. "helpful septic tank info" ... why, i'm just flushed with gratitude for that one. "women loving farm animals" ... udderly delightful. i think i'll just move on to weblogging ...