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sun 03 nov 02

a primer on image histograms and curves. yow.

digidaan channel mixtures for photoshop. presets for the channel mixer, that are better than standard photoshop grayscale by a large margin.

needless to say, i love finding old rolls of film in my closet.

can't remember where i got the locomotive detail. the mannequin, i seemed to have started an animation of sorts, in tri-x 120. i know i was on to something, but the years have obliterated the source of that little spark.

couple of shots from my recently-developed "old" b+w trove:

mannequin carrying paintbrush.

unknown locomotive detail.

dang, it's cold out. too dark to take the shot, but clouds are seeping over the mountains, wrapping the foothills to the north like a sheet of cotton. wispy as they pour over the peaks.

spiked-online: "parenting by numbers." "... almost everything about our psychology as an adult is continually reflecting our childhood in our day-to-day, moment-by-moment experience. whether we were seen as the sweet, lovable one or the black sheep of the family, we go out and find people who see us that way."

times of india: indian-born author cancels tour over racial profiling. your average american can't tell an asian from a mexican. airports must be a circus, these days.

times of india: bin laden's youngest wife, held in yemen.

ny times letters to the editor: studying serial killers.

ny times op-ed: learning to love deficits.

the new york times looks at our 'toilet tax': parched santa fe makes rare demand on builders. 'diverting water' means getting more from colorado, and sluicing it down the rio ... hoping folks upstream keep to their quotas. and getting 'filtered' through los alamos. lovely.

reuters: microsoft loses every battle, but wins the war - exiting the antitrust case strong. "when you look at the tenor of all this and the tenor of the judge's comments, you do get the sense that microsoft got their last get-out-of-jail-free card from the bush administration."

reuters: nine men were plotting to kidnap "posh spice," victoria beckham. the motive seems to be old-fashioned greed.

cnn space: first views of saturn by cassini.

then again, maybe i should just move to 2.6, and see if that cures things.

with 2.5.1, there seems to be a sudden increase in 'unreliability,' compared to the version i *was* using. i'll have to spend some time and do a bit of debugging, to see if i can find what's randomly killing the process.

sometimes weblogging is a benefit. getting online, i realized my zope instance tanked last night around 1 a.m.