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fri 01 nov 02

iht: taliban remnants take their revenge on ... girl's schools.

scientific american: global estimate of endangered plants triples.

act for change: don't exempt the defense department from key environmental laws. if you remember my posts about los alamos, you'll understand my interest.

my 'dangerousmeta.com' email server is down temporarily. sorry.

someday i'll have one of those old jalopies. fits the environment here to a 't'. though, if they end up paving all the local roads as they plan to, it won't be half as fun.

intended to post this last night. just another old truck:

old truck, galisteo.

vista looks interesting. python, pim. via rc3.

the economist looks at the upcoming elections: curb your enthusiasm.

the economist: goodbye to the video store.

guardian.uk: albums from the crypt. does martyrdom make a mediocre musician 'great?' they don't even *mention* jim morrison.

the art newspaper: iraq's history is our history, too. iraq is a trove; how to preserve it, in the face of war?

santa fe new mexican: a kickapoo indian uprising.

reuters: payrolls off in october, economy seems fragile. drop new car sales out of the figures, we ain't doin' so hot.

washington post: salman rushdie, a liberal argument for regime change.

zope 3 'mini' newsletter.

i don't need no vember.