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thu 10 oct 02

metafilter: henrietta lacks. read the articles. my god.

'tis all i have time for.

sacbee: william buckley, if congress said no.

nj.com: el niño may provide drought relief to the southwest. hoorah! my family's coming up for thanksgiving ... this means we might have a decent bit of snow to offer them?

andante: a russian opera company is working on 'monica in the kremlin,' an opera including the american president, the russian president, and monica lewinsky. you have to read it. title of an aria: "i did not invite you, monica, for a cocktail." bang-swoosh.

ny daily news: signage of our time, billboard art.

businessweek: the gop's giant jersey blunder.

extreme tech: build a home linux server.

it news: microsoft losing on the desktop.

freshmeat: openoffice.org [major enhancements].

the register: man dies after playing computer games.

ny times op-ed: robert byrd, congress must resist the rush to war. well said. "congress, under pressure from the executive branch, should not hand away its constitutional powers. we should not hamstring future congresses by casting such a shortsighted vote. we owe our country a due deliberation."

ny times: bush's science advisors drawing criticism. 'theology-based science'?

ny times: the government reform committee voted to overturn president bush's executive order and release the presidential papers of ronald reagan. still has to pass congress, but it's a triumph, nonetheless.

ny times: american aides split on assessment of iraq's plans. "the c.i.a.'s assessment and mr. bush's presentation also differed in the nuclear realm. in assessing iraq's nuclear ambitions, the agency said it would take iraq until the second half of the decade to produce fissile material for a nuclear weapon. mr. bush omitted this forecast on monday."

santa fe new mexican: hooray for doña ana county! they'll be seizing vehicles from drunken drivers.

reuters: it's official: jar lids are screwed on too tight.

cnn: iraq invites u.s. to "arms sites." they never tell us what the u.s. response is. personally, i'd have the nearest qualified american representatives fly into iraq post-haste, while keeping our satellites focused on those sites for 'truck withdrawals.' when someone throws down a glove, take 'em up, immediately ...

cnn: daschle backs bush on iraq resolution. i'm linking this mostly because of that smashing photo of colin powell, for blackholebrain's growing library of animated gifs.

anyway. somehow, all my extra work has burgeoned today, so i'll be really thin with posts.

it came to me in a dream last night ... what if england had launched a pre-emptive strike against american revolutionaries in philadelphia, in 1776?