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wed 09 oct 02

multiwavelength astronomy. when the first image loaded, i thought "god wears tie-dye?"

iht: garcia marquez' worlds of mystery.

iht: making clothes with a conscience.

u.n. security council resolutions currently being violated by countries other than iraq. we really should be helping the u.n. enforce some of these too, shouldn't we? via mefi.

an individual wrote to ask, "so, who's worse than saddam?" [in reference to the gassing of kurds.] indonesia in re: east timor is probably a good contender, added to turkey (below). first site, second site, third site, fourth site. just a few links; don't read if you have a weak constitution. once again, thanks in part to american military equipment. bitter? i guess they have a right to be: "looking worldwide, we cannot find a single case where u.s. weapons or military training helped human rights, democracy, or the rule of law." i plan to do a little looking into that statement, myself ...

no rules street photography. popup warning.

freshmeat: bayesian mail filter, aim sniff, animail.

reuters: stock market continues to fall.

reuters: bush oil firm did enron-style deal: report.

time magazine: seven questions to ponder about iraq.

origins of writing.

cbs: afghan women wary of vice & virtue.

washington times: turkey offers to aid in war against iraq ... for a price. i wouldn't be a kurd in southern turkey/northern iraq for all the tea in china. think iraq is the only country to use wmd's against its citizens? check out 'mt. djoudi' and '1989'. guess who sold turkey chemical weapons?

scotsman online: bin laden 'alive' in afghanistan. overheard in a satellite phone conversation? well, not really ...


b-eye: see the world through the eyes of a honey bee.

boston globe: political war games take off. one more time, saddam has no missile technology capable of reaching the american mainland, nor will he be able to field a nuclear weapon in a warhead anytime soon. i've posted links over the past couple of weeks that have made this patently clear. worry more about these two: iran will soon be able to reach europe with conventional missiles, and north korea will soon be able to reach western america.

nj.com: epa official defends bush cuts in water cleanup. "the bush administration's chief enforcer of the three-decade-old clean water act concedes its goal of making all rivers and lakes safe for swimming and fishing has fallen in priority to combating terrorism and righting the economy." the first of many cutbacks, i'm sure.

os news: red hat 8 for kde users, and newbies.

political wire: control of the senate hinges on seven races.

freshmeat: simple flash menu, bottomfeeder [rss], apache tomcat [java], indexed catalog [zodb].

slashdot reviews the python cookbook.

telegraph.uk: picasso wasn't such a bad guy.

ny times: met's "adam" shatters upon pedestal collapse.

guardian.uk: holy secrets. the continuing search for a long-missing van eyck.

times of india: banish the generals, says bhutto.

ny times op-ed: the struggles of democracy and empire. a 'crusade.'

ny times letters to the editor: taking on iraq, the president makes his case. read the fifth note; a bit of a stretch?

ny times: doctors urge caution on smallpox vaccinations.

santa fe new mexican: honda and fuelmaker debut at-home natural gas refueling station. how cool is that?

ny times: u.s. troops were subjected to wider toxic testing. "... the defense department says it used chemical warfare and live biological agents during cold-war-era military exercises on american soil, as well as in canada and britain." just lovely.

reuters: kramnik trounces 'deep fritz.'

reuters: christiane amanpour barred from entering iran.

*grind* *grind* *grind* ... sound of brain gears starting up.