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tue 08 oct 02

i'm getting murdered by spam. seems to be on the upswing, over the last month.

back from the tooth doc. one cavity, a couple of spots to watch. converting my temp crown to permanent gold. not as bad as i feared - doesn't rate a cougar scream, just a coyote howl. i really do have to get a line on my imagination.

jeff, so much of politics is ineffable twaddle ...

poetry-for-peace ... dayku.

"the coward dies a thousand deaths."

confession: i'm going to the dentist today. i'm the world's biggest coward when it comes to the dentist. i don't have bad teeth; just a propensity for cavities, and when they get worked on, it hurts. conventional anaesthetics (short of complete sedation) don't do much for me. the sound of high speed drills makes me want to dash out of the office as swiftly as possible, in a sweat-streaked panic. i'm just going in for an 'overview' today, to check what needs to be fixed. no drilling today, no cleaning. but i'm sweating already, in anticipation of having my mouth condemned.

i'm going to have to leave it here. too much to handle, and this was more than i intended.

happy birthday, moveable type. i may not use you, but i respect what you've done. a great deal of my surfing day is easier on the eyes, and more reliable, because of you folks. (*grin*)

insultingly stupid movie physics. "star wars apologists say that the ship's computers detect the explosion and simulate the noise to inform the crew."

belly button lint ... the hole story.

washington post: body of art.

nj.com: ups and downs on the kansas capitol.

iht: paris's boutiques battle.

talking points memo: on forrester in new jersey. too funny. if you don't know about millicent fenwick, you should read more about her. she made multiple visits to princeton high school when i was there, and was fortunate enough during history 2 a.p. to spend an entire afternoon talking in a small group with her. charismatic, to-the-point, utterly clear even at advanced age. and yes, she brought her pipe.

us news: attack of the freebie software.

just had a thought. what if saddam hussein sued american media outlets and others for violating intellectual property rights to his own likeness? surely noone has a model release. his face with various forms of targets keeps popping up everywhere, it seems. 'editorial' or 'parody' use?

wsj opinion journal: joe lieberman on why democrats should support an attack on iraq.

the register: maxtor 'one touch' backup.

rebecca blood's 'the weblog handbook' gets slashdotted. the review is positive, but given that slashdot commenters are on record as being viciously and gleefully anti-blog, there are the usual rants. weblogs are 'digital diarrhea.' that goes in my lexicon for future use ...

tom paine.com: reasons why we shouldn't. from left, right and center.

times of india: the french prime minister calls saddam 'a potential menace.'

la times: a serious shift in reader interest. reg. required. "writing involves thought and creates coherence, which is an appealing commodity in this atmosphere of concern." hence the joy of 'deep weblogging.'

the national post picks up and gives depth to the story of the demise of arts & letters daily. frankly, i'm chagrined there aren't more articles marking the passing of such a pioneer.

chicago sun-times: why bother, asks franzen. "the writer for whom the printed word is paramount is, ipso facto, an untelevisable personality ..." as it should be, really.

ny times op-ed: an iraqi man of letters. hoo, boy.

ny times letters to the editor: shining a light on the supreme court. video feed from the supremes?

ny times: art treasures shown, but few behold them. "two public relations firms have been hired to promote it with a modest advertising budget, but the exhibition has received scant attention and small crowds." always the issue, getting the word out. even in santa fe, art town that it is, i'm often surprised by the quality of works i've missed due to not reading every single ad in the local rags.

ny times: louis freeh rejects criticism on 9/11 attacks. "he said the fbi was denied the staff and money it needed to fight terrorism. in 2000, for example, he said he requested 864 additional people for counterterrorism at a cost of $380.8 million. he said he received five people and $7.4 million." congressional penny-pinching gave us 9/11?

santa fe new mexican: santa fe plaza traffic routing may be altered, again. they're talking about enforcing *jaywalking*? our streets and sidewalks are narrow, never meant for vehicles of modern proportions. how 'bout limiting the traffic, build a couple more parking garages on the outskirts, encouraging *more* walking, adding speed bumps, implementing state vehicle inspections, three-times-you're-gone dui enforcement, for a start?

reuters: maternal lioness 'adopts' her fifth baby antelope. what do the kids do when she's eating, i wonder.

reuters: turmeric may inhibit tumor growth. eat your curry.

looks like the stock market is continuing to drop. will it hit analysts' most dismal predictions, the 5,000 point?

cnn: grade tampering scandal hits christian college.

philosophy and literature seems the 'replacement' for arts & letters. bookmark it. now.

guardian.uk: only one hitler. good! in conjunction with this, you might want to check out jeremy bower's metaphor rant. also via mefi.

the complete 9/11 timeline. it'll take me a while to get all the way through it. via mefi.

sun. and mounds of work.