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mon 07 oct 02

i caught some brain-dead congresspersons on cnn claiming that the 'uav stuff is new.' a crock. ok, having our government representatives unaware of longstanding issues is worrisome. here's a whole site devoted to uav's. there's that *wonderful* me-262 feel to the takeoff specs.

seems like the president's shpiel was a significantly simplified rewrite of rumsfeld's testimony before the armed services committee, linked below earlier in the day from defenselink. that info is much more in-depth. don't get all nook-yuh-lur about it.

political wire: stock market prefers democrats. this stat's been common knowledge in democratic circles for a while now. add unemployment numbers to that, as well. too bad it doesn't get wider airplay.

linux orbit: review of phoenix 0.2, the lean mean mozilla.

cnn: ah, the supreme court has refused to intervene in the n.j. race. lautenberg's on his way. so let's not hear any more of that 'steal the election' verbiage. any republican who does, has no grounds to criticize a dem upset over florida.

i'm still stacked with work, so postings will continue to be "thin" this week.

ny times: "... uncovered a legal memorandum from mr. forrester's lawyer written in april, when state senator diane allen, one of mr. forrester's opponents in the republican primary, was trying to block him from taking the ballot position of james w. treffinger. mr. treffinger, the essex county executive, had resigned from the race because of scandal three days earlier, or 40 days before the primary." even used the same argument. can't have it both ways, repubs. if the supremes take it, will n.j. be left with no candidates? via rc3.org

ecriteria.net. web-hosted database. haven't seen one of these in ages.

chicago tribune: muslims find faith challenged in bible belt. contrast with a possible remedy, from india: muslim girls take up boxing.

health24: "beer boosts women's health." is watching major-league sports next on the list?

women's enews: my ignorance thumped me in the face. women and aids in south africa. contrast that with this article about 'feds to audit aids groups for sexual explicitness.'

guardian.uk: u.n. evidence of taliban massacre. other bits of info: "u.s. officers have yet to discover any senior al-qaida leaders among the 600 captives held at guantanamo bay ..."

guardian.uk: after the taliban, facts and figures.

slashdot: new orbital entity beyond pluto. welcome, quaoar.

belated happy two, wood s lot.

roll call: can bush beat saddam hussein without a war?

corpwatch: precision farming, the marriage between agribusiness and spy technology. for some reason, i'm grinning at the memory of bloom county's "commie ducks," from the early days of that strip.

abc: super-cabbage sucks arsenic out of soil ... but stores it in the plant itself. "the arsenic is stored in the plants leaves and these can then be harvested ..." and disposed of or used for ... where or what, exactly?

la times: iraq war crimes dossiers in works. "we might not be where we are today if there had been action."

iht: japan's "anything goes" mentality. clip-on dreadlocks?

ny times: richelieu, politician as connoisseur.

sourceforge: web-based php file manager.

daemonnews: book review, absolute bsd.

ibm developerworks: spam filtering techniques. the structured text hints are great.

political wire: lautenberg leads in n.j.

dp review: full review of sony dsc-f717. a really useful review, because it also compares it to the other prosumer digcams, the minolta 7hi and nikon 5700.

freshmeat: mysql web-based chat.

the register: worms turn on windows/linux users.

discovery: leonardo, son of a middle-eastern slave?

faz.net: celestial bronze-age disc recovered.

guardian.uk: artists and robbers, similar because they 'both break rules.' hmmph.

arts & letters daily seems to be closing its doors! a tragedy. i didn't realize they were linked with lingua franca.

times of india: worried about economy, americans oppose war.

defenselink: rumsfeld on why iraq, why now.

santa fe new mexican: over 1,000 people marched for peace in santa fe yesterday.

ny times letters to the editor: lessons from wars of the past. a must-read.

ny times: public says bush needs to pay heed to weak economy. "he thinks keeping us fearful about going to war will distract us from how bad the economy is."

ny times: reawakening the glories of buddhist kingdoms.

ny times: health plans are offering fewer choices and higher costs. during a conversation with a friend, she pulled out her latest health insurance bill. it wasn't up 24%; it was up from $132 to $490 per month. no claims in the past few years, no 'age limits' broken. "we're bringing your payments into line with our costs." later: forgot to mention, the form also said they'd halve the premium if she increased her deductible to $10,000 ...

sheets of clouds this morning. just wish that with all this cloudage, we'd get some precip.