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tue 01 oct 02

lord, that chevy was gorgeous. and that was just a grab shot.

a couple of shots from this evening. a chevy bel-air ('57?) by best buy, where i failed to find appropriate inkjet cartridges, and a shot of pre-sunset:

pre-sunset, october 1, 2002.

chevy bel-air sedan.

i believe i'm going to have to put blogging on a back burner for the next couple of days. i've got a stack of work to get through, i need to redouble my efforts. there'll be posts, as per usual. just not as 'prolific.'

reuters: alas, poor shakespeare. misquoted by streisand. the 'net strikes again.

cnn: war on iraq could cost up to 13 billion dollars. with a continuing cost of up to $4 billion a month.

pcworld: linux vs. windows, the rematch.

bbc: nepalese women win abortion rights. and broadens women's property rights, too - though they don't mention that as prominently.

nature: food acrylamide mystery 'solved.' give up french fries for boiled potatoes?

usa today: sludge as fertilizer may be health hazard.

telegraph.uk: trade war averted after u.s. concessions. bush made a big mistake, and backs off.

telegraph.uk: 'urban gothic', the new black.

national center for policy analysis: oregon considers gm food labelling.

rollcall: the last, best hope for the november democratic endgame.

jakarta post: let's split some semantic hairs! unocal accused of covering up oil spill. "... rebuffed the allegation saying that it was not an offshore oil spill but rather oil sheen." seems its time to set an international minimum volume of oil standard to differentiate 'sheen' from 'spill.'

nj.com: capping ddt superfund site with sand appears to be working. ddt revivalists, this doesn't mean we want it back in use in america.

o'reilly: ip v6.

political wire: no war 'till 2004? coincidence, or political expediency? will we ever know?

dp review: acdsee 5 available for download. i've been using compupic pro, for specific file type compatibility (sbig) required by a client. acdsee might prove better for the dedicated digital photographer. i'll probably download the trial and spec it out.

slashdot: no more mac tweaking?

chronicle of higher ed: the obsolescence of the american intellectual.

globe and mail: bath time for david. every time i hear about 'art cleaning' or 'art restoration' now, i visualize a disaster in the making. i pray david survives.

ny times letters to the editor: increase in the uninsured. "while we hurtle toward an avoidable disaster, all other developed countries cover everyone at half of our per capita cost."

ny times: a russian lama's body, and his faith, defy time.

ny times: walter annenberg, philanthropist, dead at 94.

santa fe new mexican: hit and run driver no stranger to dwi. "chavez has been arrested seven times for driving while intoxicated between oct. 1, 1982, and sept. 4, 1999." that's not the highest incidence i've seen in new mexico news. i'd like to see driver's licenses permanently taken away after the third incidence.

today may be a 'short' posting day because i just have no time.

reuters: lawsuits to stop spam.

cnn: mccain: don't go to baghdad to criticize the u.s. the danger of becoming neville chamberlain in this brouhaha is huge; you can probably trace any democratic party losses in november direct to these boys. mccain generally speaks to moderate republicans and the more conservative democrats.

anybody remember this quote from saddam hussein: "you can come to iraq with aircraft and missiles, but do not push us to the point where we will cease to take. if you use pressure, we will deploy pressure and force. we cannot come all the way to you in the united states, but individual arabs may reach you." my italics. from a book, 'the gulf conflict, 1990-1991', authors freedman and karsh, princeton university press, 1995. a bit chilling, isn't it?

welcome to october, the final third of the year. brace thyself for halloween, thanksgiving and christmas merchandising. i've already seen christmas displays up, along with carols being played. later: andre rightly points out i meant final quarter of the year. pre-first-cup-of-coffee syndrome. no, scratch that. no excuses. i'm just stupid in the morning.