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wed 18 sep 02

*and* get this ... i found a place that rents slide scanners. you don't have to listen to my b-ing and moaning, any more.

digital focus: scroll down ... a canon eos-1ds with an 11mp sensor is coming. film is dead. dead, i tell you. the most critical sites i hit say 8 mp for 35mm quality; 11mp is approaching medium format ... in a 35mm package. we live in exciting times, my friends.

good guys never look bad.

bad guys never look *up*.

oh, yucca (my fave yucca shot):

favorite yucca shot.

cnn: web support for 'farscape' out of this world.

hal let me know steven pinker (the link about nature vs. nurture yesterday) has an article in the current issue of discover magazine.

my fave css editing environment, topstyle 3, now has a weblog.

freshmeat: php shell, snoweasyweb [cms], templeet [templating].

"artistic dissent." you can now buy posters.

web generation.

"dead grandmother syndrome."

which, btw, i crossed 'party lines' and bet with buckley that an invasion of iraq might happen over 9/11's anniversary. obviously, he and i were wrong. "i was wrong. the magnitude of my wrongness ..." [remember the 'mad about you' episode?] public retractions are good for the soul, don't you know.

sacramento bee: william buckley takes it to 'opie and anthony.' read it, see if you agree.

email received today: 'join the spammer email community. make money.' from? "voldemort."

enn: agency seeks phase-out of dry cleaning solvent. perchloroethylene. toxicity seems controversial, between europe and america. but check the epa's rules for perc dry cleaners. and the profile for perc. wear dry-cleaned clothes? have dermatitis? there might be a correlation.

nj.com: new jersey abolishing pollution rights trading scheme backed by bush. "state officials said the program - [snip] - is unworkable because any reductions in pollution can't be verified."

nzoom: kiri te kanawa to step back from opera. "... kiri revealed a little known side - her love of fishing." go for it, kiri.

ibm developerworks: develop rock-solid code in php. part one, part two.

onlamp: installing spamshield. perl-based spam filter for sendmail.

political wire: iraq and economy in a political tug of war. if no action can happen until january [see below], then we have time to discuss the economy.

yahoonews: otis redding gets a statue in his home down. way overdue, if you ask me.

dp review: casio releases a 5 megapixel camera. maybe prices will come down on other 5mp's now.

the register: hotmail signs up brightmail to handle spam blizzard. the waste of bandwidth is staggering.

wired: public access to satellite pictures of iraq. and other places. the 'mushroom farm' comment makes me think of the old crank about how management treats workers, like a mushroom farmer treats his crops ... keeping 'em in the dark, and liberally sprinkling them with manure at regular intervals. apropos? look at the satellite shots.

slashdot: mod_perl developer's cookbook review. thumbs up.

osnews: xandros desktop beta 3 preview.

nj.com: denver runs into problem with roman statue deemed 'unsafe for the blind.'

ny times, sept. 14: baltic soil yields evidence of a bitter end for napoleon's army. "what the workers had found, it soon became clear, were remains of the grand army of napoleon, reduced to frozen, starving rabble after the retreat from its disastrous siege of moscow in 1812." there are no 'sure things' in war, a lesson worthy of some thought.

ny times: a replacement for hubble? larger mirror, 100x more sensitive. can you imagine the sights we'll see?

ny times: conservative churches grew fastest in the '90's. the mormons are #1.

ny times: swashbuckler in a glass, armagnac. ah, if you're bored with cognac, try it's younger relation. a friend and i used to drive to washington d.c., to a specific store to pick the more arcane labels.

ny times: u.s. hurries, world waits. "... military action, if required, would almost certainly have to take place in january or february. only then is it cool enough in the desert for soldiers to wear full chemical and biological protective gear." so, the most that can happen between now and november is dominating the news with war plans, hoping it will boost republicans and draw attention away from economic ills?

ny times: rumsfeld seeks congressional vote on iraq before u.n. acts. but of course! have *congress* make the choice whether america plays unilateralist. great scapegoat for future history books.

santa fe new mexican: federal judge holds norton in contempt over indian trust.

cnn: investigator cites warnings before 9/11. "... momentum has grown in congress for a separate, independent commission to look into the attacks." no wonder.

cloudy this morning, and very cool. our conversations last night led me to interesting places. i'll have to stew over some thoughts more before commenting.