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wed 04 sep 02

i was going to post a sunset, but it was better to view in person than to photograph. i liked these clouds, though:

little white cloud top peeking over dark clouds.

a visitor tonight (hyles lineata, sphinx moth, 'hummingbird' moth):

hummingbird moth

new zealand's having some problems getting rid of genetically engineered maize in fields. corn, that is. imported from the united states, surprise, surprise.

sundaymail.uk: forget botox, try echium.

telegraph.uk, opinion: if it's war on saddam, why not on mugabe? a british point of view. quite entertaining, containing gems for re-use.

asahi.com: editorial, afghanistan limps along. "order is barely maintained in afghanistan by the u.s.-led multinational forces and international security assistance force (isaf) ..." i'll refrain from comment.

voa: some two million afghans have returned home.

urlwire: dialog newsedge. sounds like pay-for rss channel scraping?

crn: for many web hosting shops, all roads lead to linux.

slashdot: adobe gets hit by the dmca?

i plan to attempt upgrading my zope instance on the host server this friday, i believe. i'm on 2.3.3, when i should be on 2.5.1 (erk), so it'll entail some hairy updating (python updates, too). 'twill be interesting. at that point, i should be able to run a decent discussion group. item-level permalinks? hmmm. contemplating the switch to pmachine, but would prefer to stay zope-ified. once the upgrade's complete, i'll look again at the cmf, metapublisher and squish before deciding to blog-bail.

comcast is replacing the 1' x 1' x 3' (vertical) box in front of our house (in the easement) with what looks like a 4' x 2' x 3' (vertical) box. cable modems are coming. new digital service september 30, and a 'priority list' for cable modem subscribers. i'm calling first thing tomorrow. ta-ra-ra-boom-dee-ay ... cable modem's coming this way ...

reuters: pentagon, "tanks heading to gulf for 'exercises.'"

cnn: man with *16* guns arrested in d.c. 'nev'r know if ye might hev a jam, or need a backup ...'

referrer logs: whoa, i thought mitre was creativity on tom clancy's part ...

the cape cod times follows proposed wind farm construction, via weblog-style news items. even more contentious, because of the tourist-orientation of the area.

fle3, 'future learning environment.' zope. screen shots.

news review: winds of change.

a sample of a wind farm environmental impact assessment. [large pdf]

nj.com: study suggests that it was the economy's strength, not legislation, that led to the drop of people on welfare. hold on to your horses, though ... "but 'in at least half the states, we are starting to see caseload increases' as the economy has weakened." *now* and *in the immediate future* may be the best test for 'welfare reform.'

topxml: xslt function for standardizing address values.

chicago tribune: news weblogs give the political inside scoop. and who do they list?

boston.com: after day care controversy, psychologists play nice. does day care help, or harm, the child? there's no glossing over results the public may not like.

msnbc: u.s. cash to flow to religious groups. "the administration seems to say, 'we couldn't get the votes in congress, so we're going to hijack every dollar we can and move it into faith-based ministries ...'" there's no 'seems to say' here. that's exactly what the bush administration is doing; they have an agenda, and are pursuing it - just as any other administration would. now, whether you agree or not ...

to repeat, i think buckley's right (as linked a couple of days ago). it may break over september 11/12.

forbes.com: oil prices rise on american war signs.

nj.com: reporters smuggle knives and pepper spray on board 14 airline flights over labor day. i feel safe, don't you? we've got bin laden in the bag, 'tribal democracy' in afghanistan, the anthrax perp is caught, and our airline safety is rock solid. hooray for the current administration, taking efficacy to new heights ...

guardian.uk: tabloids have an influence on spelling. does this mean we can tell what webloggers read, by what they misspell?

the star: summit restores link on women's health, rights.

femail.co.uk: are you a supplement junkie?

zdnet: top ten email hoaxes of august. just had a rash of friends and relatives pillorying me with the 'microsoft cash' email again ... and some of these folks for the *second* time. deep breath ... count to ten, slowly ...


the booker t. washington papers.

washington post: adapting to a new way of living. boy, and some folks call *me* dour.

commondreams: greenpeace urges u.s. to extradite anderson over bhopal. "the u.s. has reacted swiftly on curbing the financial corporate crimes of enron and worldcom, but has clearly not made much of an effort to find anderson, responsible for the deaths of 20,000 people in india." in case you've forgotten, go here and click the pictures link in the left side nav bar.

the star: global war crimes court opens first meeting. the u.s. was conspicuously absent.

sddi: a freebsd operating system security checklist.

politicalwire: greens may not want nader in '04.

washington post: environmentalists see losses at summit.

guardian.uk: report card on the sustainability summit.

freshmeat: monalbum, phpfile, php_writeexcel, webseller [ecommerce], phpgem.

the register: canoodling women and pc components don't mix.

chronicle of higher ed: decaying manuscripts reveal africa's literate history. "there generally tends to be the view that africa is a continent of oral tradition or the continent of song and dance - that this isn't a continent that has an intellectual tradition of its own ..." i always assumed egypt was in africa ... but is egypt considered 'african,' from a historical point of view? maybe not ...

globe and mail: at film festivals, beware the buzz.

ny times letters to the editor: let us catch the power of wind.

ny times: montana stares in the face of power deregulation, and decides it sucks.

ny times: martha stewart, without martha stewart?

ny times: mont-st.-michel and silt.

ny times: powell gets the raspberry at global environment meeting. how dare powell lambast zambia. they've got a pretty good take on the genetic-engineering issues, from what i can see. [and i recommend you spend the time to read that link.] at least, they have the choice! we, in america, didn't get that choice. later: marcos, in the discussion group, gives me two more links on zambia: the dumping ground, and less than $1 means a family of 6 can eat. "virtually overnight, a socialist command economy had been replaced by a deregulated, free-market model. the payoff so far is an economy fueled by little more than grit and guile, practically devoid of valuable commodities." globalization and free-market mavens, defend thyselves. even later: bill asks me to read two john gray articles, 'forget everything you know', and 'the end of globalization.' if i get any more links, i may move this to a separate page under 'soliloquy.'
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santa fe new mexican: scholars say that bush is a puzzle. "simplistic, one-dimensional, lacking the analytical and intellectual skills the office needs, a dan quayle in sheep's clothing ..." or "emotionally secure, well-organized, staffed by able, competent and experienced people, not visionary but clear and specific in his goals, a political natural ..." then again, maybe both. but to my mind, when you're out to critique the man, and you highlight his staff ... hmmm.

reuters: woman rescued hollywood-style from wildfire. those guys took some chances ... i want to know what good luck charms they carry.

sometimes, just sometimes, i read articles written about 'weblogging,' and contemplate hitting 'delete all' in my ftp client. then i calm down and realize that to leave is to allow those same elements to overthrow all we've built over the years. advocating 'weblog as soapbox' is to overemphasize a mere single facet of weblogging.

cnn: long term diesel exposure can cause cancer. first thing that comes to my mind is, school buses.

grab my coffee, first email i see: "let's talk dirty stools." colon-cleansing via spam email. wish i could send a post back: "let's not, and say we did." yuck-o.