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sat 31 aug 02

arts & letters daily has great stuff under 'essays and opinions', too: is the war on afghanistan just?

la weekly: the left is ... boring? the gore-and-gephardtization of the left, i guess.

ny times editorial: tax cuts, again. the republican party can't be this bankrupt of new ideas. the existing tax cuts did nothing to help the economy, why should more of the same medicine have any better effect ... other than further diminishing already-low revenues?

ny times: professors offer a reality check for politicians.

ny times: blair may be losing his base of support over the iraq issue.

new york times week in review: first among evils?

santa fe new mexican: the joys of living in a tourist destination. they're hiking gas prices artificially again. thought this practice was illegal!

santa fe new mexican: judge rules kennewick bones may be studied.

cnn: faa orders boeing jet inspections. 737's too; unluckiest of production boeings, what with the 'pop-top' a.d. and the rudder a.d., now fuel pumps.

ev'rythin' back to normal, wot?