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fri 30 aug 02

hello, 80.133.#.#, hope your trip back was uneventful. that sunset was for you guys.

can't resist, sunset tonight:

sunset, august 30.

hard to see, but 11 or so quail are visiting my courtyard. a subset, though the digital can't zoom close enough ... esp. challenging through windowscreen:

quail on courtyard wall.

national gallery of art, treasures of ancient egypt.

toy ray guns. wow.

sky.com: russia may not ratify kyoto.

semantics. "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." words make the world go round, kiddo. take off the blinders. words hurt, words create prejudice, words start wars. words can also pacify, sooth and uplift. precious few of those latter, these days.

freshmeat: phpcontact, i-spy, hyperscsi [?!].

slashdot: the darwinian revolution, science red in tooth and claw. in one of the discussions, an individual comments that the 'creationist' viewpoint is purely an american phenomenon, bringing the cranks out of the woodwork. i'm still convinced that, on the internet, many people use controversy as a tool for education. make a wacked-out statement, get put down, learn. a slow process. easier ways to do such things; *reading* comes to mind ...

washington post: salman rushdie, "double standards make enemies."

boston herald: "'must-see' status ... [snip] ... can now be synthesized using a carefully researched combination of ultra-aggressive tv, print and partnership promotion, merchandising, 'brand naming' and super-saturation release patterns."

times of india: u.s. says north korea world's top missile peddler. no mention of the fact that iran and our new 'pal' pakistan are the biggest buyers. in the past, north korea has been willing to forego missile peddling for a price; too bad we never pursued the subject. it may be that our children will end up paying the penalty for that little gaffe ...

times of india: the u.n. says al-qaeda is 'alive and well.' our financial machinations had an impact, but has not stopped the group.

ny times editorial: the curse of factory farms. ever driven by one? the stench is worse than a paper mill.

ny times letters to the editor: environmentalists vs. the poor? comments in re: lomborg again.

ny times letters to the editor: thinking about war.

ny times: rv's versus tents. they do their mightiest to make tent camping sound primeval, rv camping sound luxurious. rec.backcountry often breaks down about 'packing heat' for grizzlies; i suggest wielding rock-polishing grit and karo syrup to disable generators. a much more ecologically sound philosophy, to my mind.

reuters: xp service pack 1 on september 9.

cnn: record penalty hits u.s. from wto. "... allows u.s. companies with a foreign presence to exempt between 15 percent and 30 percent of their export income from u.s. taxes." not unlike maquiladoras. we small businesses in america are really missing out for not being lucrative enough to be international. so much for 'patriotism.'

domain's still not working here. but i'll update the page anyway, even if to just be stubborn.