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thu 08 aug 02

rented a dvd to watch; see y'all on the flip side.

now i have to go talk to the cops about this hunk of steel in my front yard. hard part is, it tore up a swath of grass, which grows back very slowly here. a real bummer ... talk to you folks later.

"guns for hire" ... that's a new one:

guns for hire?

peeking in the book, i see a link to 'behind the curtain' from a web archive. the project is still around, though it's been at a different domain for a while: http://www.photo-secession.org. server switch. i posted the change here, but i should have posted it on array as well, since i did my personal domain change just after btc. i've been remiss ... i need to email everyone who participated the last time to have them change their url's. a new btc is coming, very soon now ... maybe even on the anniversary of the old one.

payback to rebeccablood for your nice comment the other day: your book has hit santa fe ... though, as per usual, in the wrong section; "apache/non-ms webservers." i replaced it in the proper area, face-on, with a nice lurid pink tabloid-size book behind, to get that complimentary color thing going ...

the weblog handbook, filed in the wrong place.

just got back from town, client meeting. there's a little blue compact in my front yard. seems a teen fell asleep at the wheel, ran across the road, hit our 6' embankment at 45+ mph, flew up in the air, smashed down, blew a tire, and came to rest as our latest front yard ornament. *then* he woke up. waiting for the police now. kid's shaken up, but ok. there's always sumptin' ...

enough of this weblogging jazz. i've got work to finish. too easy to divide my time.

zdnet: why do some folks crash while talking on cell phones, while others navigate successfully while applying lipstick, or tuning the radio? not to second guess the experts, i wonder if it has something to do with the process of speech itself, registering and processing what people are telling you, then cooking up an appropriate response verbally ... piled on top of the requirements of driving. more complex than pressing buttons.

cnet news.com: kasparov to challenge a computer, again.

freshmeat: googleware, courier mail server [multiple protocols], offline imap.

upi: experts debate u.s./mexico immigration. "increasing numbers of asians, africans and middle eastern immigrants are able to cross the border with 'aiders' who are linked from their home countries all the way to the united states." don't think this issue is just about mexican illegals.

ibm developerworks: adventures in high performance xml persistence, part one.

bikemagic: the 'lion king' returns. the tour wasn't the same without mario there in the final sprints.

national center for policy analysis: more on the florida school voucher case. most states have a 'blaine amendment': "no revenue of the state ... shall ever be taken from the public treasury directly in aid of any church, sect or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution."

nj.com: at the american bar association meeting, concerns over bush administration's handling of terrorism investigation and business scandals.

national women's health info center: court orders do help protect women from abuse. permanent ones are better than temporary restraining orders.

womens enews: breastfeeding in public is a basic civil right.

bbc: blow for australian aborigines. "... aboriginal people do not have rights to oil or minerals found under tribal land now being used by mining companies." in other words, they can have the bare crust.

tolerance.org: test for hidden bias.

cnews.bc: support pours in for troubled alberta horse farm. drought's in canada, too, i see.

bbc: eu to crack down on 'blood diamonds.' did your engagement ring finance murder?

heard on the country station, driving into town: "playing songs of life's daily traumas, three minutes at a time." tongue-in-cheek ... rare for the genre.

seems my image server is having problems again. drop a note in the discussion group if yesterday's pix don't show up.

la weekly: the hobohemians. via enthuse.

limericks, limericks, limericks.

cnet: jobless claims fall. watch wall street bounce.

zdnet: intel inside a mac? not so strange; it looks like open source is already there.

zdnet: french far-right group associated with assassination attempt told to shut website. interesting. after the tate-labianca murders, would you allow the followers of charles manson their website?

the big myth. creation myths from around the world.

the budget traveller's guide to sleeping in airports.

washington post: shortcuts to missile defense. see yesterday's link to the eisenhower military industrial complex speech.

msnbc: karen hughes is back, sort of.

washington post: mister, we could use a man like j.p. morgan again. see yesterday's link to financial management.

crossnodes: lash macs to your network with netatalk.

slashdot: first transatlantic model plane set to fly.

slashdot: web development with apache and perl.

telegraph.uk: "the world's worst poetry."

smh.au: the sydney opera house "has the worst feng shui in the world."

ny times: roger kennedy, why the west is burning. he emphasizes politically correct themes, his last paragraph is best. demonizing logging is just as idiotic as demonizing environmentalists. the polarization of issues completely stagnates any positive change. i'd like to kick both sets of advocates' butts around the block a couple of times ... or better yet, make 'em hike up some of our slopes at 9,000-10,000 feet, through all the dead wood and undergrowth. that might make 'em more amenable to change.

ny times: high on a hilltop, with music all around.

ny times: patient deaths tied to a lack of nurses. alwin's already been riffing on this.

ny times: global arms sales to developing nations are tumbling.

santa fe new mexican: a day at the county 4-h fair in santa fe. if you also check the home page, after reading this, you can see a pig getting a snuggle.

santa fe new mexican: denver water board votes to begin cloud seeding. i didn't realize cloud seeding was done on a regular basis, for decades. it gave me one of those 60's "popular mechanics" neat-technology flashbacks. i could even visualize the cover.

santa fe new mexican: logging firm hired to thin watershed. "an environmental group called the wild watershed alliance, led by santa fe environmentalist sam hitt, has said it will seek a court injunction to stop the thinning project because some of the work would occur in potential habitat for the endangered spotted owl." my italics. as i've said a million times here, our woods are so choked with dead wood, they are bombs waiting to explode. thin and clear undergrowth to restore to the natural state; that does not mean commercial logging.

ny times: serial killer brings terror to women in baton rouge. if i lived there, i'd probably get myself shot. i enjoy walking in the cool of evening to wear off the stress of the day; some nervous person would take my scowl and purposeful walk as threatening, i'm sure.

ny times: ex-executives say sham deal helped enron. pulling merrill lynch in.

cnn: the shutdown of air traffic on 9/11 supplied lot of good information. contrails filter the sun's radiation, reducing the temperatures directly below; no mention here of pollution/ozone at high altitude, however.

cnn: 10 people stand on a shark feeding platform, and it falls in.

the 2002 5k winners.

clear sky, but smoke haze. i'll have to check the status of that mesa verde fire.