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wed 07 aug 02

dan bricklin: trellix announces native blogging.

msnbc: saudi arabia will not assist the u.s. in attack of iraq. "for the government of iraq, the leadership of iraq, any change that happens here has to come from the iraqi people. this is our attitude." but german foreign minister joschka fischer's comments were most telling. europe fears an iran '53, and its aftermath, and rightly so.

cnn: the official warblogger ride.

sunset tonight:

sunset, august 7.

just called the family in tennessee. my grandmother has been laid to rest. now we as a family must work to help the 'survivors.' this side of my family is a maternal heirarchy, echoing our cherokee heritage; everyone looked to my grandmother. the figurehead has been lost; it will take some time to adjust. we as a family must pull in closer together for mutual support. my family used some of the writings from this weblog in the eulogy; i wish i'd known that. but if i'd had time to rework them, they might have lost their immediacy. things worked out as they were meant to, i guess.

sfgate: rep. bob barr picks up a gun, and it discharges. aren't you supposed to 'clear' a gun first yourself, even if someone else says it's ok? via metafilter.

i guess i miss the days when 'war' itself was the great enemy, not individual countries or dictators.

dwight d. eisenhower's 'military industrial complex' speech, 1961. a reverent and heartfelt admonishment to america by a chief executive leaving office. i've only read excerpts before; it is even more striking as a whole. "together we must learn how to compose differences, not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose. because this need is so sharp and apparent i confess that i lay down my official responsibilities in this field with a definite sense of disappointment. as one who has witnessed the horror and the lingering sadness of war - as one who knows that another war could utterly destroy this civilization which has been so slowly and painfully built over thousands of years - i wish i could say tonight that a lasting peace is in sight." it should be memorized in entirety by every high school student in america.

christian science monitor publishes an idea for how to rein in ceo salaries. [aug. 1] it would be interesting, imho, to have the ceo's raises and benefits tied by percentage to the salary of the lowest-paid employee in the firm.

financial management, 1880-1924. "there is no such thing to my mind ... as an innocent stockholder. he may be innocent in fact, but socially he cannot be held innocent. he accepts the benefits of the system. it is his business and his obligation to see that those who represent him carry out a policy which is consistent with public welfare." - supreme court justice brandeis. seems we have a distinct transparency problem, in this author's terms. how can we stockholders hold ceo's accountable, when they can brazenly publish juggled numbers?

on canyon road:

canyon road.

steam and electric locomotives of the new haven railroad.

i've got bumper crops of hummingbirds here. apparently the fires and drought in colorado have sent them down here to fatten up for their migration, less than a month away now. broad-tails, rufous, calliope ... 'hummingbird wars' over the butterfly bush. and they're mean little cusses. you can hear them impact each other when they attack. *fwap* chitter-chitter-chitter ... it's like watching 3" f-14 tomcats toss it up with each other ...

bbc: cheney talks up the economy. "it is clear from the data when president bush and I took office that the nation was into full-blown recession." er, in election years, a declining market usually indicates a lack of confidence in candidates by the stock-owning electorate; they worry about how the market will perform under the new regime. the choice between gore and bush wasn't an auspicious one; the indecision in the electorate mirrored itself in the market. likewise, federal reserve rate hikes and the remnants of the tech stock bubble burst depressed the dow and nasdaq over most of 2000. remember the fed raising rates to stop inflation? wasn't that long ago. after the fed's regular large drops of 2001, you might get the idea they raised too much, too fast. but heaven forfend i point the finger of blame at the fed. take your dramamine and get ready for the political spin; this is only the beginning.

reuters: ford unveils a hydrogen-fueled generator. a v-10 engine; compact, what?

somehow, someway, i've ended up with an mp3 of 'marching to zion' in my rotation. i have no earthly idea where it came from.

topstyle 3 pro continues to impress. i got a call from a dentist yesterday, having a problem with his single-page website, exported from microsoft works (a total mess of tables, list elements, etcetera). figured i'd give topstyle's 'style upgrade' a try. in less than an hour, i had the site redone in valid html and css, doing some manual fixes to the images. no manufacturer-branded 'bloat' code. not perfect, but then no 'automatic tool' ever is. pretty darn clean.

the contax g pages, on a daily basis, do more to put me in a good mood ... a little daily beauty in the midst of media muddle. drives me to grab my digital camera and take that daily picture. wish there was such a page for traditional-media artists; i'd love to peek in at that, too.

webmasterbase: design theft, the webmaster's recourse. but they didn't mention kneecapping! [just joking.]

nandotimes: circumvent the real estate broker ... sell your home on the internet.

just had one of those "what in the heck are you posting?" moments. you know; the ones where you complain about the toothpick in someone else's eye, ignoring the 4x6 in your own ...

washington post: u.s. defies court on 'enemy combatant.'

ananova: russian beauty says 'hello boys.' i clicked this out of curiousity, and that first picture scared the -- out of me. looks possessed.

black world today: public opinion for peace falling on deaf ears. mostly polls, but interesting nonetheless in the midst of all the other bits and pieces we get pummelled with daily.

ny times: bush, with senate absent, appoints a top agriculture official.

globe and mail: holy war engulfs afghan feminist. "on a quiet residential street in kabul, near a mosque, a single house is guarded by high walls and huge rolls of razor wire."

zdnet: ftc probes verisign name selling.

tera lab.

new scientist: ozone treatment for cavities.

cairo times: human rights realpolitik.

new york observer: "white" painter debunks prices on witness stand. "at any given time, some curmudgeon is always railing against the world of contemporary art, claiming that his kids could do a better job than the guys cutting cows in half and throwing white paint on blank canvases - and here was mr. ryman admitting, under oath, that his paintings sold for too much money." the pricing of art, other than 'masters,' has always been a mystery to me.

iht: book review, the secret history of modernism.

iht: emperor's delight, now the shame of china.

linuxworld.com: readers react to 'take a mac user to lunch.'

onlamp: installing openbsd 3.1.

news factor: email encryption, why isn't everyone doing it?

browsers for command-line warriors.

guardian.uk: why pesticides won't wash. "... a single high dose of residue in a piece of fruit or vegetable ... could cause short-term effects such as a stomach upset." genetic modification, pesticides ... this year's priority has been fixing the house and garden, but next year it's going to be raising some vegetables.

freshmeat: superupdate [java], datavision [java].

slashdot: turns out, primes are in p.

telegraph.uk: previn and mutter marry. june-december? july-december?

denver post: aerial art festival in boulder.

telegraph.uk: jerry springer, the opera.

ny times letters to the editor: congressional privilege. good point; if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander.

ny times letters to the editor: rape by decree, the pakistani horror.

ny times: farms, instead of tar beach.

santa fe new mexican: in spite of our monsoon rains, and greening of foliage, we're still in serious drought.

reuters: herbal extract may help rheumatoid arthritis. chinese medicine, "thunder god vine."

reuters: washington post to require submitting personal info for online access.

reuters: bush vows to be patient with iraq. nice, but it's not bush's patience that concerns me. it's rove's.

cnn: court affirms ruling allowing plutonium shipments to south carolina. from denver to south carolina. if it's anything like our local wipp outfit, check who's doing the transport. no guards, lowest bidder. the state troopers keep finding these wipp drivers with nuke materials heading to albuquerque, precisely the wrong way.

via email: a collection of microsoft hardware and software enhancements.

busy this morning.