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mon 05 aug 02

cnn: hundreds gather to mark monroe's death. i understand "joltin' joe" would place roses at her grave every year; this year's the first without, i guess.

william jennings bryan: "there are two ideas of government. there are those who believe that, if you wll only legislate to make the well-to-do prosperous, their prosperity will leak through on those below. the democratic idea, however, has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous, their prosperity will find its way up through every class which rests upon them." that was 1896, btw.

'on lying.' worthy of a bookmark for future reference.

three from 'uncle jumbo,' grover cleveland:

"devotion to american citizenship for its own sake and for what it should accomplish as a motive to our nation's advancement and the happiness of all our people is displaced by the assumption that the government, instead of being the embodiment of equality, is but an instrumentality through which especial and individual advantages are to be gained."

"communism is a hateful thing and a menace to peace and organized government; but the communism of combined wealth and capital, the outgrowth of overweening cupidity and selfishness, which insidiously undermines the justice and integrity of free institutions, is not less dangerous than the communism of oppressed poverty and toil, which, exasperated by injustice and discontent, attacks with wild disorder the citadel of rule."

"he mocks the people who proposes that the government shall protect the rich and that they in turn will care for the laboring poor."

front porch flowers:

front porch flowers.

ny times: sunlight, a cancer protector disguised as a villain? i have heard, but cannot corroborate independently, that in santa fe we have a significantly lower statistical amount of cataracts. high altitude, 300+ days a year of bright sunshine, you would imagine the opposite. i still try to remember my shades.

ny times: right wing - if only children were allowed to carry guns, this wouldn't have happened. left wing - access to guns at family gatherings is bound to result in death; the psychological baggage carried by siblings and in-laws, mixed with probable alcohol, practically guarantees the discharge of firearms ... [stop me before i commit further idiocy].

ny times: looks like the pennsy judge flipped and now will allow the abortion to proceed. "a woman's right to have an abortion 'is not subject to being vetoed by a woman's husband or partner ... neither an ex-boyfriend nor a fetus has standing to interfere with a woman's choice to terminate her pregnancy.'" i believe this is in place so women have recourse against 'brood mare' husbands, and yet i'm uneasy about having no legal say about something i helped create, especially when actively engaged in a healthy relationship ['husbands']. i don't know a lot about this particular facet of the abortion issue, so i'll go do some reading when i have time before i form a solid opinion.

cnn money: stocks have a third day of three-digit drops.

cnn: the time story on the 'al-qaeda plan' continues to flame. documentation?

my grandmother will be buried after a graveside service next to my grandfather in seymour, tennessee, on wednesday. the cemetery actually sits across the road from their old farmstead, with a beautiful view of the smokey mountains. the entire family knows of her fondness for daisies, so i'm sure the entire knoxville/gatlinburg area will have a run on the flowers.

ohmygod ... i used CAPS. shame on me. sam'll never let me live it down.

rebeccablood redesigns. easier to read, and i'm a devotee of right-hand navigation, so extra points there. i like the implementation of contextual color on links. sort of like what i intended to do on my links page, red for conservative, blue for liberal news sources, and the spectrum in between. blog tools need a macro feature for inserting custom SPAN and DIV tags, in a pulldown menu for your blogentry TEXTAREA.

here's a screenshot of my new dm layout, working in topstyle 3. the blue boxes are my notes; follow them in clockwise fashion from "select class or element" on the left side of the snap. where i point out, "find out if they're legal", all-black is compatible, black/white is marginal, white is not compatible. the little "?" to the right gives help on each individual css parameter. included in the documentation pdf are many general css and netscape 4 hints, too. in the toolbar up top, the green check button is the internal style check [thorough], the w3c button opens a browser window and checks your current edit window's code on the w3c css validity checker, the red paintbrush over to the right is the internal html tidy checker. the blue 'h' checks with the cse html validator, if you own it. this is only scratching the surface, of course, but some folks asked for more info about why i'm juiced over this piece of software.

using the trial of topstyle 3, i've begun fiddling with the dangerousmeta! layout, whilst contemplating a move to pmachine. mixing the two stylesheets (dm! and pmachine), a bit of restyle and css-cleanup took me *fifteen* blasted minutes [don't freak; work in progress]. oh, if i only had topstyle 3 when originally doing my site, and playing with radio css designs. i have to say, the thought of manually putting all my years of posts into any of the new blogging software with item-level permalinks makes me cringe. as much as i want them, it looks like its going to be a lot of work to get my archives in that type of format. the benefits of categorization would balance out the pain of re-entry, i hope. finding old posts that are on-topic with current news links has been a recurring problem here.

seattle times: study, marijuana eases traumatic memories.

times.uk, letters to the editor: role for agnostics in christian faith. "the proper way for the christian church to proceed with its tenets of faith is to make allowance for many viewpoints. honest agnosticism can be the motivator behind a living and joyous faith in which myth plays the role of blessed intermediary."

washington post: pennsy judge bars woman from having abortion. the usual broken relationship circumstances, but it's an interesting point to consider, outside of these two people. where does a woman's right to control her own body, and the husband's paternity, cross?

ny times: do doughnuts make canada too well-rounded?

fashion.telegraph.uk: what women of, er, *high calibre* wear.

zdnet: amd's hammer to pound intel. buy stock now?

cnet: japan launches national id's.

pbs/nova: galileo's battle for the heavens.

sunspot: stricter safety tests of biotech crops urged. "the safety reviews by the fda would be voluntary, but the ones by the agriculture department and the epa would be mandatory." i wonder; will aliens draw crop circles in gm fields?

common dreams takes a chomp out of both daschle and the sierra club. thinning and clearing, not logging, you bozos. stand up now, or fall down with the forests.

washington post: into the great unknown. "in 1990 all household debts (including mortgages) equaled 85 percent of personal disposable income ... last year that figure hit 105 percent of disposable income." yowzer. no wonder the fed's rate cuts aren't doing much.

human rights and anti-terror efforts not at odds.

politicalwire on katherine harris' retroactive resignation. someone in florida should raise a stink.

linuxtoday: mandrake linux 9.0 beta 2.

nthposition: excerpts from "reaping the whirlwind: the taliban movement in afghanistan." timelining mohammed atta. via aldaily.

alternet: the culture of multiple fathers? the jump from tribal examples to modern society is pretty big, imho.

daily news: "hollywood only supports three types of black films: the slapstick comedy, the romantic comedy and the gangsta/'hood thriller."

toronto star: why we like to watch.

ny times: internet/public art.

ny times letters to the editor: clear skies? not from bush.

santa fe new mexican: have a large forest fire, have a mudslide. the secondary costs can be as high as the primary ones, for a forest fire.

i'm tempted to say "slow news day", but whenever i say that ...

reuters: white house dismisses iraqi invitation to congress. "... the goal is the elimination of any iraqi capability to develop or acquire weapons of mass destruction." the new york times on the original offer.

boston review: reclaiming the commons. read this one over lunch; it's a bit long. via mefi.

i see there was lots of good linkage over the weekend. that's okay. i made yeoman's progress in the garden; it's fully bark-chipped now, and little odds and ends on the house are beginning to get prepared for another winter. home depot deleted a bit of my bank account, in other words.