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mon 29 jul 02

sunset tonight:

sunset, july 29

cnn: e. coli in romaine lettuce. check your labels.

iht: u.s. fails to polish tarnished image abroad. "how is it that the country that invented hollywood and madison avenue has such trouble promoting a positive image of itself overseas?" er, maybe because foreigners ain't buyin' what hollywood and madison avenue are sellin' ...

iht: north koreans signal openness to negotiations. "... kim jong il, has told russia's foreign minister that he wants unconditional dialogue with both the united states and japan."

like opus' "meadow break," a flower break:

rose, back courtyard.

pbs shields and brooks transcript: homeland security and partisan politics. david brooks: "i think the democrats have been given this incredible gift and they're going to screw it up." odds are, he's correct.

slashdot: linus prays for amd's hammer to win.

msnbc: nine whales die on cape cod. but dozens of others survive, after being helped back to sea by volunteers. an example of 'glass is half empty' reporting.

my shot of spanish market yesterday isn't loading here; let me know if it's screwing up loading of the page for you, too. later: strange. loads fine through ftp, but doesn't in the browser. permissions set properly. even later than before: okay, i re-saved and shrank the beast. loads now. probably some sort of corruption during transmit, i guess.

abc, friday, july 26: clinton interview transcript. "we started back in '98 warning about the accounting problems and when my securities and exchange commissioner tried to stop the enron accounting practice of accountants being the consultants, the other party stopped us, and their main lobbyist was harvey pitt, who is now head of the s.e.c." i notice this interview gets about as much press as a mondale interview during the '84 elections.

bbc: the famed 'doomsday asteroid' will miss in 2019. figured that would be the case.

nj.com: better late than never; rebuilding the c.d.c. another successful government 'bureaucracy.'

common dreams newscenter: guess who's won the contract to build more cells at guantanamo bay? a division of halliburton! small world, huh?

orlando sentinel: the taser works, use on the upswing. yes, but criminals can also get them. not sure if it was a taser, but a shock device was used for a rape attack on a young lady jogging on the rail trail here, just south of santa fe. some women take dogs; others carry derringers. most jog in twos now.

usa today money: economic reports due this week. if you're a positivist, invest now; if the economic reports are good, the stock market's bound to respond. if you're a negativist, stay away until we find out more.

ananova: no, alwin, i'm not taking this at face value, but this makes me worry about the fda's sanity: "clover corporation gets u.s.' fda acceptance for tuna oil dietary supplement." there's already a standing question about heavy metal contamination in fish oil supplements; using tuna? that even sets off alarm bells in my amalgam [mercury] fillings ...

linux4smallbiz: roundup of linux small business accounting software.

tuxreports: first look at mandrake linux 9 beta 1.

guardian.uk: weblog competition, 'a bloody stupid idea.'

freshmeat: squeak [open source smalltalk].

the register: the greatness of 'robot wisdom.'

nasa tech: wearable heads-up display. in the early 90's, there was a set of 'glasses' that incorporated small monochrome lcd's, if i remember correctly. not so surprising, this. but yet, i wouldn't mind having a pair ... first step to becoming a 'weblorg' [weblog+borg]. via slashdot.

ny times op-ed: justice in tulia, texas. this is only a few hundred miles from santa fe. no, the acquaintance i mention below was from manhattan, not texas.

ny times opinion: a failure of democracy, not capitalism. as a local flyer for our local water system condemnation process states [paraphrase]: "you are involved whether you vote or not. the majority of those voting decides the election, and our debt liability. it is important for you to vote." and this is talking about a measly multi-million condemnation that could hike our property taxes; how much more important is a local, state or national election? i talk to so many people who believe that 'not voting' is a valid political strategy.

ny times opinion: in defense of gabfests. a perfect counterpoint to my note about worthless opinions.

ny times: mt. vernon wants to pep up washington's image. well, for their sake i hope they focus on george, the figurehead, and not construct the fiction of george, the military strategist.

ny times: movie studios press congress in digital copyright dispute. uglier and uglier. the register, in a similar vein.

ny times: corporate abuses cause bipartisan indignation. yeah, right. at a recent 'social', i had the opportunity to hear a right-wing zealot blast off about how a few bad apples got themselves nicked, that cheating the i.r.s. was as american as apple pie ["we all do it"], how to work n.a.f.t.a. to secure low-paid laborers and avoid taxes, and "aw, let the leadership placate the christians. we send our kids to private schools that even vouchers couldn't afford. no black faces, y'know?" nudge with the elbow, the good old boy wink. ugh. didn't bother to confront; listening to him describe this 'world' that so obviously works for him, was fascinating. a nudge here and there to get him to reveal more of his core philosophy. i'll have to spend some time looking into the mexico/nafta link; it sounds like it makes the bermuda loophole look like taking pocket change from a kid. we also got talking about the old 40/40/20 split; the theory that 40% of people are dem (and won't ever change), 40% are republican (and won't ever change), and that the other 'indecisive' 20% are the ones you must fight for, and how the green party only takes from the dem side ... guaranteeing republican victories even in the face of scandals. oh, this man was a confident one, i'll tell you. as much as he angered me, he scared the *hell* out of me.

ny times: lieberman critical of gore. "new democrats" are not 'anti-business.'

ny times: saying no to free 9/11 aid, families hire lawyers. are trial lawyers taking advantage of a national tragedy?

ny times: raimondas rumsas, #3 in the tour de france, may have been doped. his wife was caught with 'goods.'

santa fe new mexican: qwest to restate earnings.

ny times: u.s. exploring baghdad strike as iraq option. i'm beginning to wonder more and more if this isn't all being done as mere posturing; driving the paranoid insane.

reuters: football deaths may be linked to creatine and ephedrine.

still waiting. another gorgeous day, though they've been saying we won't see rainshowers till thursday. of course, the mountains always get the afternoon bumpers anyway.