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sun 28 jul 02

like i said, our recent rains have put a veneer of green over santa fe. we still have water problems, in spite of the aesthetic.

a stroll through spanish market, today:

spanish market, santa fe, 2002.

the most important person of the 20th century.

been trying to think of how the bush administration could pull off invading iraq before november, without political cost. one way: a link between al-qaeda and iraq, in reference to the september 11 attacks. withheld, because of the sensitive nature of researching the link. the clancyesque 'we never discuss intelligence matters.'

washington times opinion: republican role reversal. equal time.

washington post: deadly politics. "... when our government allows special-interest pleading to cost lives, it shames us all." amen.

abcnews: taliban prisoners held by afghans are neither healthy, nor happy.

economist.com: going hybrid. going open-source and proprietary, that is.

freshmeat: paypal sender, java serialization for xml, mysqlwdb [perl].

slashdot: virtual sword fighting. cool ... but why not take fencing?

times of india: top indonesian islamic group against shari'a law. the last set of stats i looked at, indonesia has the largest muslim population (90% of citizens), pakistan second, bangladesh third, india fourth. not the 'middle east,' as many imagine. just fyi.

ny times opinion: in oversight we trust. bureaucracies are bad? ah, imagine where we'd be now without the interstate highway system, the g.i. bill, or the national weather service? that's just a drop in the bucket. the cdc? bah. if the bush administration wishes us to look upon our own history with blinders, i'll have to disappoint them. even clinton's 'reinventing government' initiative shucked all those folks reagan stuffed the government with, and more. that's not to say all bureaucracy is good; that would be as dumb a statement as that coming from bush's cake hole. purely statements aimed at his constituency; bush *likes* bureaucracy. homeland security, anyone?

ny times editorial: mr. powell, what do you stand for? being a team player does not include being a 'toadie.'

ny times: what, me worry? "... many people's emotional reactions to bad news, in the form of denial or avoidance, can register disproportionately to the severity of the crisis and cause long-term damage."

ny times: lauren bush application files also examined. the implication among some, that this is some sort of nefarious liberal plot, is so idiotic as to be laughable. princeton? then again, i guess to some princeton is just another liberal educational institution. poor stupid nits, who never question their dogma. princeton u. is rich beyond most corporation's dreams; go to a p-rade, and see america's affluent acting like ninnies. i could illuminate further, but why waste my time?

ny times: girl went willingly. is it just me, or are no news reports explaining why a homeless man was staying with the girl's family? were they being charitable, and this is how he paid them back?

ny times: banks are havens (and other myths). at the end of the article, a dour note: "moody's said it expects the junk-bond default rate to hit 8.8 percent by year-end, down from the 10.7 percent peak reached in january, but still high. if the economy slips back into recession, banks could really be hurt." it all makes one's mattress look like a better financial vehicle.

happy to see all the miners out.

reuters: lance armstrong wins fourth tour de france. i wonder what his vo2max is, compared to indurain. indurain was something of an alien, in this respect. more from the times. 33 has pretty much been the average age for tour winners; when the wisdom of age meets physical stamina in equal amounts. armstrong could have more than six wins, if he can stay at peak condition.

bonneville estates rock shelter archaeo pics at blivet radio today. *how* many layers down is that?

a lovely sunday morning, gentle breezes. still waiting.