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fri 26 jul 02

from the referrer logs ... i'm #3 for 'a site of dangerous criminal.' i'd best hide my dark lantern and skeleton keys ...

i've decided i'd like to have an eos d60. but then, i've got all sorts of nikon lenses. i guess that means i want a d100 instead. but i want the eos's image quality. i want a d100 that shoots like an eos d60. so, until i hit the lottery, i guess i'll be patient and wait.

offhand comment heard in the video store: "you know, worf's forehead looks like the top of a milky way bar. no, i'm serious. think about it." i did. unfortunately.

just got back from border's, with a couple of mags and a book in tow. went looking for the current crop of blog books; didn't find any at first, but knowing how folks categorize things, i knew i'd have to dig. yep, in the midst of the 'mac os x' books, edge on, was a little teal-greenish sort of book [it was a dark corner] - "we've got blog." so like any good blogger, i put it in the correct section, face on. that grassroots thing, don't you know.

free-association time. takes all of two seconds. then again, maybe others have thought of these, too.

bloggadocio. the weblogging equivalent of braggadocio; those folks who just can't resist letting us know how popular they are.

blogotry, or bligotry? blog bigotry. i think i prefer the second spelling ...

nutra: six natural supplements under investigation.

style: couture beauty pushes the boundaries. all i have to say is ... ouch!

a duo of f-16's just went ripping by ... loud and fast. heading due west.

bbc: open debate called on g.m. crops.

the hill: dick morris, flight of the g.o.p. dodo bird. based solely on my knowledge of hispanic voters in new mexico, i'd have to say dick is too strong in his confidence about the hispanic/dem link. i don't believe it's a guarantee.

anandtech: review of the shuttle ss51 xpc, small form factor pc. not beautiful, but power in a small package.

dp review: full review of the nikon d100, finally online.

freshmeat: interactive story [german], mandrixx java slideshow.

the register: valenti backs away from p2p hacking bill. hacking as a punitive measure?

slashdot looks at 'javascript: the definitive guide, 4th edition' and likes what it sees. another phone book for the programming shelf ...

metafilter: a great feat, but not a great athlete. obviously, the author knows *nothing* about bicycle racing, esp. in the tour de france context. is he entitled to express an opinion? of course, if he wants to be perceived as a jerk by those who understand athletics, and the sport. our belief that "everyone's entitled to their opinion" just gives us a flood of worthless opinions. he would have done better to imagine an expert on athletics sitting across the desk from him, as he wrote this, and explored his subject a bit more tentatively ... showing some humility. there is a huge gap between legitimate opinion, and arbitrary opinion. my opinion? i think he perceives strong arbitrary opinion as boldness - a positive, manly character trait ... but i could be wrong. i will not grace him with a direct link; the weblog version of shunning. deny him the traffic he's trolled for.

nandotimes: some say protection of intellectual property key to economy.

csm: the 'opera babes.'

andante: salzburg turns a page, cautiously. i can hear 'radetsky' ...

the 'bush doctrine of pre-emption' continues to disturb my thoughts.

ny times letters to the editor: hungary's buried past.

ny times letters to the editor: executive perks.

ny times: the miles roll on, but señor kitsch is steadfast.

ny times: scientists worry that journals may aid terrorists.

i first played with a computer at princeton university, playing 'star trek' on a teletype to the mainframe. angle brackets and asterisks, drinking soda while waiting for the next quadrant printout ...

ny times: princeton pries into web site for yale applicants. the last word, to me, is at the bottom of the article: "it's quite remarkable that yale set up a web site with only a social security and birth date as passwords ... these things are so easily obtained." might as well have made it public, y'know?

ny times: fire prompts new debate on management of sequoias. if you've read past articles from the times on this subject, compare this. they previously acknowledged that the arizona fires spread through previously-logged areas; one has to look at the totality of fuels, and make a judgment call. of course, this wouldn't be such a crisis if we hadn't logged away most of the sequoias ... right?

ny times: iran welcomes human rights visits.

ny times: negotiators agree on bill to rewrite bankruptcy laws. so, it looks like the credit card companies' donations will be well reimbursed. we should fight back with basic credit and finance information in every high school in america, as a required class.

santa fe new mexican: duelling views of juan diego. 'ethnic cleansing' of dead saints?

reuters: light behind the knee won't fix body clock. just had to link it, for the title.

cnn: john entwhistle died of coronary heart disease, and cocaine.

cnn: watch the international space station pass overhead.

thanks, folks. no news.