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wed 17 jul 02

sorry, regulars. had to post a 100 meg site i've been fixing. it's tied up my dialup all day [probably all night, too.]. i'm on the second line, for a little while.

busy today.

ah, quicktime six is out. that explains all the 'quicktime keygen' searches hitting here. sorry, i ain't got none.

american prospect: yesterday, bad news for bush. which polls are *you* watching?

cook's muse.

chronicle of higher ed: ignore fast-track assessments of scholarly books at your peril.

moby lives: new yorker magazine is publishing fewer women writers?

ny times opinion: the cycles of financial scandal. will more regulation work?

ny times letters to the editor: some fight wars, some make money. "socialized millionaires" ... good one.

ny times letters to the editor: 'authentic' religion.

ny times: an irish castle for religious manuscripts.

ny times: the puzzling red wine headache.

ny times: state attorney generals ask bush to act on global warming.

ny times: in new jersey, nuclear fears have to stand in line.

ny times: bill closing 'bermuda loophole' also includes tax breaks. "... critics say that in addition to that three-year moratorium, the bill would also create two permanent tax breaks that combined are worth $60.8 billion, nearly 10 times the size of the so-called bermuda loophole." of course, the bill was sponsored by corporation-cozy house republicans.

reuters: hagland wins tour stage, tarnished by boy's death. a child broke from the sidelines and ran in front of a publicity vehicle.

reuters: 'missed anthrax?' what i get from this is, take your full course of antibiotics, uninterrupted.

reuters: ipod for windows. the weakness in the computer market practically forces them to push consumer electronics. larger market, smart move.

reuters: bush stands by social security plan despite market. the man doggedly sticks to the same campaign shpiel.

oof. slept late this morning.