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tue 16 jul 02

shelltoys xp.

news.com: microsoft polishes win2k fixes. 150 mb service pack three.

builder.com: flash remoting with cold fusion.

nj.com: supreme court justices come out for judicial pay raises. $150-$184,000 per year is all they're making. oh, my heart bleeds for these poor darlings ...

msnbc/newsweek: cheney's sticky business.

stuff.co.nz: jalabert to retire from cycling. thanks for years of entertainment, laurent. such a shame. 33 is prime age to dominate the tour.

telegraph.uk: women live longer because they sleep better?

the free congress foundation. 'cultural conservativism.' another conservative think tank for your list.

iwon: another warning about e. coli in ground beef. if you buy your ground beef from sam's club, read this.

ny times: yesterday. wall street journal hikes online prices. $29 to $39 ... a 30% increase. that's huge, don't you think?

the register: ballmer fesses up about the windows/linux cost fud. touting features vs. cost, now.

freedomforum.org: reporter: state department demanded source of classified leak. make no eye contact; just walk out with classified materials?

zdnet: new open gl graphics standard released.

bbc: warning over dolphin 'extinction.' at least in british waters.

reuters: apple reports a slide in earnings. damn straight they're too expensive; all up and down the line.

reuters: stock market continues to drop.

cnn: toasted tabby. pretty sick. don't little boys outgrow torturing small animals by the end of grade school?

star tribune: senate passes corporate accountability bill. "'make no mistake about it - this legislation is federalization of the accounting industry,' said sen. mike enzi, r-wyo., an accountant who said the bill is needed, 'given the current lack of faith in accountants.' mwah-hah-hah. but i thought 'big government' was bad? remember: "government bureaucracies in general are threats to everyday life." that's right, newt gingrich, 1984.

cdi: former soviet dissident author disses solzhenitsyn.

thisislondon: raytheon may be first s.e.c. scalp. nice penalty arrangement.

new statesman: this is old, july first. why psychiatry has failed. an interesting read. title's a bit outrageous, but don't let that stop you. 'the complexities of lobster life.'

guardian.uk: review of "the cambridge grammar of the english language." looks like i'll put that on the 'buy' list.

moby lives: the barnes & noble 'hidden books' issue.

new statesman answers charges of anti-semitism.

guardian.uk: drills and axes ravage ancient greek site. in order to build a museum for the parthenon marbles, destroying an existing archaeological site. of course, you have to wonder ... where exactly in greece would a non-archaeological site exist? just a thought.

times of india: u.s. increasing stocks of precision weapons. further evidence of the bush urge to bag baghdad.

i'm still working on getting my aggregator feeds from my laptop to the new desktop. sorry for the lack of programming-related linkage.

the ny times opinion section has a couple of items slamming bush. the krugman is better than the kristof, but neither offers anything really new. the 'mystery' of george w.'s swift rise to affluence has been tossed about since way before the election. if the odds of hitting the jackpot were so high, let's see the entire roadmap ... not just selected, 'juicy' parts.

ny times letters to the editor: older americans, hurt by the scandals. an emotional response.

ny times letters to the editor: michael jackson's woes.

ny times: america's wildest valley.

ny times: instead of 15 years, knoller gets 4 for the dog mauling. and pays 6,800 dollars in reparations. travesty.

ny times: an icelandic battle between wildlife and voltage. a dam, or a smelter. why must we always be forced to make a choice between two evils?

ny times: legal analysis, accord suggests u.s. prefers to avoid courts.

reuters: greenspan: economy is resilient, but wounds linger.

reuters: bush outlines domestic anti-terror strategy. read, when you have a chance, about military quarantines during the various epidemics in europe.

ah, awoke to the dulcet tones of a cement mixer backing up this morning.