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wed 10 jul 02

papascott let me know that faz is only updating weekly now. darned shame.

reuters: stocks hit 1997 lows.

reuters: senate passes multiple corporate crackdowns.

cnn: when i left last week, i heard about julia roberts' wedding up in taos, but was unable to get online info about it to link here. she has a domicile up yonder.

cnn: a new skull for the human evolutionary tree.

dumb, but i smiled. insanity test.

msnbc: u.s. "secretly" deports 131 pakistanis. my quotes. not so secret now, obviously.

scientific american: how monarch butterflies make their way to mexico.

freshmeat: album grabber.

politicalwire: business scandals begin to hurt bush.

nandotimes: oh, yucca. nuclear waste on the road in your area, soon. i fervently hope states will be doing something to address the security of these 'convoys.' there's precious little being done with our local wipp trucks.

american legislative exchange commission: homeland security, 50-state summary. find out what, if anything, your state is doing.

site to keep an eye on: european digital rights.

usnewswire: republican edge in online campaigning.

totally spaced on having breakfast this morning. it's 11:30; good time for a snack ...

just got doused again. how glorious.

errands and work. back later.

guardian.uk: a mozart for everyone.

new york review of books: "what else is news?", review of books dealing with journalism today, by russell baker. looking at what happens when 'profit' means more than 'product.'

star tribune: america's kids are losing creativity, the ability to think for themselves.

ny times opinion: dowd, slouching toward populism. preppy, or western-myth-rugged-individualist? i can't decide which stance is more 'authentic.'

ny times letters to the editor: viva la difference!

ny times letters to the editor: the state according to scalia. ask a lawyer a question, and he'll bring out case law. balance the 'pro' decisions vs. the 'con' decisions and weigh them up.

ny times: a history of the mideast in the humble chickpea.

ny times: qwest is being investigated by the u.s. attorney's office. u.s. west was a nightmare, qwest brought a short period of relief and hope. they're the only game in town here, and if they go belly up, who's next? smoke signals are out of the question, that's for sure.

ny times: an inquiry confirms a massacre of jews by poles in world war two. as i recall, this was used by hitler as another 'excuse' for the takeover of poland, discounted by the allies at that time. interesting.

ny times analysis: bush offers tough talk, and softer plans.

reuters: photographer scores bulls-eye with pamplona shot.

reuters: surprise blood test before the fourth stage at the tour de france. everyone was clear.

i can't tell you how happy this all makes me.

santa fe new mexican: roads and rapids. remember, if you want to see how fast an arroyo can fill when there's a storm ... don't be *in* it, and *never* try to cross it. the bottom of the article is the best ... "this year's monsoon season is expected to run until about the third week in august", and "he said there is a 60 percent chance for higher-than-average rainfall in colorado and new mexico due to a boost from an el niño weather pattern that has grown dramatically in recent weeks." it looks like mother nature may pull our bacon out of the fire for one more year.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe and carson national forests, and bandelier national park, will reopen on friday. hallelujah!

cnn: texas boy allegedly beaten during bible study.

serious instructional technology on getting creative.

busy upon arising ...