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tue 02 jul 02

been thinking about the concept of kenosis, as interpreted by james hillman. comparing it to political weblogging styles. he concieves there are three political states: passive on the sidelines, toeing the party line ... and kenosis, what hillman defines as "empty protest." having no answers, not knowing the correct course to follow, but knowing there's something rotten in the state of denmark. politikblogs are as ineffective as hamlet, worrying his desire for public justice like a dog with his favorite toothsome discard. they rage on impotently, endlessly, simply for the sake of releasing emotions. no utopia at the end of the journey; just neverending protests. today, now, this link is the alpha and omega. when the issue drops from the public eye, the politikblog drops it as well. there are no threads to follow, no connection to a past or a future, no resolution, no responsibility. hillman calls empty protest 'via negativa', the negative way. i see no politikblogger achieving public justice for any major issue; what i keep coming across is simply a string of petty private revenges. at the present time, politikbloggers devour each other over the actions of politicians who don't even know they exist, by reinterpreting carefully selected articles and opinion pieces generated by one of a double-handful of monopolistic media machines, as seen through the rose-colored glasses of their particular political caste. truly, "empty protest" ... as is this entire paragraph. politikbloggers are not alone; you see, i do hamlet well too. [wink]

cnn: bush defends his 1990 stock sale. the public-i says there were four security laws broken.

agh. someone i was talking to just made comparisons between 'the love boat' and 'star trek, the next generation.' bald captain, ensemble players ... oh, lord ... and google doesn't help.

oh, alwin. here's an ananova for you. "romanian doctors treating patients with vodka to save money."

ananova: aliens turn out to be foxes and rodents. once again, people's propensity to believe in the supernatural overpowers their common sense. i've mentioned it here before; there are some folks who are constantly asking me about roswell, ufo's and 'cow mutilations.' feral dogs (who suck blood), lightning (powders blood, esp. in the presence of iron supplementation for the herd), weather balloons, missile tests at white sands. sorry to ruin the billion-dollar conspiranoia industry, but please ... get a life, folks.

iht: in mexican villages, rape can be called a 'courting ritual.'

"fear can supplant our real problems only to the extent - unwilling either to assimilate or to exhaust it - we perpetuate it within ourselves like a temptation and enthrone it at the very heart of our solitude."
- emil cioran.

bbc: fans touched by who gig.

bbc: hormone pollution wrecks male fertility. we hain't the men we think we is.

reuters: bush claims his business past is 'fully disclosed.' cocky, boy. an invitation for investigative journalists, that's for sure.

sorry for the flooding, but send some my way, craig.

just invented a new sport: "tumbleweed tennis." stand out in an open space, tennis racket in hand, wait for tumbleweed to approach. run to intercept, make a hit, and if it's a good, old tumbleweed, it'll explode into pieces. if it's young, it'll get caught in the racket and you can dispose of it before it gets caught in your landscaping [trees]. warning: wear ankle boots to prevent cactus punctures.

a storm has built over the sangres to the north. all of a sudden, the wind begins to gust. snapped a couple of just-planted snapdragons right off. dust, dust, dust. so, where's the rain, or are you all bark and no bite?

pravda: new, untreatable form of hiv in los angeles. needs to be verified from other sources, naturally.

new journalling program, brainsplat. php, mysql.

zdnet: opera, macromedia to join forces on mac. opera "will provide macromedia with an embeddable browser."

freshmeat: xineo [parse xml].

abc news: huge solar blast.

slashdot: mini review of 'managing and using mysql', second edition.

tom's hardware: diy water cooling for your pc.

serverwatch: june's netcraft server survey highlights. apache continues to dominate, and zope continues to climb.

linux today: python-url!

linux journal: apps for the sharp zaurus.

spiked health: putting alternative medicine back in its box. the 'mobile uterus' is too funny.

moby lives: inside the dalkey archives. i didn't know this: "in most b & n's "catcher" isn't on the shelves — it's kept behind the counter and you have to ask for it, for reasons that have been variously explained to me: either it's among the most–likely–to–be–shoplifted books, or it's too obscene or subversive or something for today's delicate (don't let those tattoos fool you) young people."

art newspaper: the $1 million tyco tax dodge.

the times.uk: a plague on all our houses. the demise of the english country house.

wired: the musical stylings of high tide. of wave organs and the sea.

times of india: $200 million dollars in u.s. aid to egypt ... to help fight money laundering.

times of india: u.s. rescinds talks with north korea. "you didn't get back to us." i thought we had a c.e.o. administration; if they don't get back to you in a timely manner, you call them. the naval fracas i can understand, but the other excuse is just lame.

and another letter to the editor: vouchers, for good. are vouchers a governmental double-subsidy?

ny times letters to the editor: presidential privilege. yeah, well ... he can afford a colonoscopy. he doesn't have to worry about medical insurance costs.

ny times science: after 143 years, the riemann hypothesis still puzzles.

ny times science: long childhoods. "a child of five could understand this. fetch me a child of five."

ny times: the f.t.c. warns web sites to reveal sponsorships. are you really popular, or have you paid to be popular?

ny times: irradiating mail to congress may be making workers ill. "... ailments that included headaches, nausea, bloody noses, rashes and other irritations."

i took a couple of those political compass tests, btw. i come out somewhere to the left of gandhi, which surprises me. but i found the total number of questions never covered the issues i feel most strongly centrist or conservative about. so i guess lunch with ted kennedy would be more pleasant than with newt gingrich.

just caught this, at windows versiontracker: ephoto. a knockoff of apple's iphoto, but it does visual searches. sketch a drawing of what you're looking for, and it'll try to match it. intriguing. oh, it also runs on os x ...

ny times: also, u.s. vs. u.n., two world views. on the same subject as below. "if the united states believes it doesn't need to respect multilateralism and international rules, how do you get china to respect them?" when will the world band together to defy the 800 pound gorilla? that's what i want to know. the editorial today also discusses the subject, and gives more information about when the court is truly applicable. given those facts, why is the bush administration playing hard-to-get? later: uss clueless has an in-depth take on this situation, that seems to explain what's going on. via photodude.

ny times: bush stands his ground in fight over global court. "... the united states says it still fears politically motivated or frivolous prosecution of its peacekeepers and other officials who might find themselves in a country that has ratified it." i think we should join the court, no question. it'll help keep our hands out of everyone else's governments (no more cia-supported dictatorships, no more saddams, no more noriegas. we'd be as liable for the human rights abuses as the dictator himself.).

and, of particular note, plan b evolving arts theatre is having a 'film noir' week soon [july 12?]. cool.

santa fe new mexican: the episcopal church was vandalized again. "parishioners think the crimes were a result of the church's support for the rights of gays and lesbians."

santa fe new mexican: even in the midst of one of our worst droughts in history, developers still want to be able to build.

reuters: television documentary takes a look at bruce lee's "game of death."

reuters: and, the stock market continues to tank.

msnbc: infectious disease specialist to head up c.d.c. interesting, in light of the article i posted yesterday about the difficulties behind the scenes between the white house and the c.d.c. thanks, karl.

cnn: america west pilots pulled for failing breathalyzer. this stains all pilots, sadly.

cnn: fosset makes it around-the-world solo, in his balloon.

feeling kinda crunchy this morning; programming till 1.