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mon 01 jul 02

sri chinmoy on embrace. via weblogs.

cnn: katherine harris is up against a ... er, dog in the florida republican primary. if the dog loses, can he be appointed secretary of state for florida in the 2004 election?

the straits times: tiny moon rock at center of controversy.

ananova: topless carwash in idaho has folks all in a lather ...

ananova: witchcraft is the fastest-growing religion in australia. i have it in my head to start a broom factory down there.

lordy, this day has flown by.

independent.uk: john kenneth galbraith on our current economic woes. "assuming they [the bush administration] will not be in power indefinitely, they are taking the interesting step of enacting tax legislation not for the immediate future but for all of a decade hence. we not only legislate for the affluent, we do it for their permanent advantage." just so. via mefi.

ran across this on windows versiontracker today: webgui. open-source content management. uses perl.

bbc: angola fines chevron for pollution.

linux journal: apache and open ssh vulnerabilities. get yer patches now.

washington post: tensions between the c.d.c. and the white house. "technical agencies remain credible if they are free to act on the basis of the best scientific information available, and not on the basis of what is the most politically favorable option."

linux newbie renewed.

the register gets all huffy over the latest microsoft security patch.

slashdot: the true story of 'website results.'

bbc: scientists estimate 30 billion earths. now all we have to do is invent warp drive ...

new scientist: people weigh less on a hard surface.

spambouncer. [i may have linked this before.]

zdnet: brace for a new wave of attacks. update your server software, asap.

cnet: the f.b.i. ain't exactly "with it," technologically speaking. "... plagued by a lack of basic technology the average office worker takes for granted - the ability to search text using more than one term or the ability to run even the 7-year-old computer operating system windows 95."

devarticles: simple php templates with pattemplate. and, another php template system update from freshmeat, template 0.7.

i missed follow me here's comments on the weekend's ny times article discussing the 'new' antidepressants. and i raise the ante, with this article entitled, "for psychiatrists, a bitter pill in new mexico." it will be interesting to see how this new concept will pan out.

the new criterion: steinbeck's mythological okies. ah, it wasn't the dustbowl and drought that caused the migration ... it was roosevelt, and the new deal! the tractor, and mechanized industry, too. oh, and it wasn't really a dust bowl [though i can tell you from persona experience here, drought might as well be included in the genus]. i believe the 'grapes of wrath' survives not only because of the 'great biblical theme', but also because 'individualist culture' in america tends to be automatically linked to the myth of the west. re-read the turner thesis and detractors. the west is no stranger to migrations for economic reasons ... the jalopy simply replaced the conestoga. when all else fails, "go west!" i did it myself, but not for economic reasons.

physics today: two opinions on intelligent design theory.

cleveland plain dealer: baryshnikov book. not an autobiography, but maybe better?

la times: it's a bang-up year for movies.

economist.com: but is it art? human culture started in africa.

ny times letters to the editor: in the cult of business, icons fall. don't miss kurt vonnegut; he's got the last word on this one.

ny times letters to the editor: right to drive. personally, i protest the concept that anyone can drive safely with a veil, just the same as i protest people driving with dogs in their laps, cellphones in their ears, newspapers on their steering wheel, or the sunvisor down at 75 mph while applying makeup. [a general comment, of course. i haven't seen the veil in question.]

the new york times letters to the editor continue to be a goldmine. if you don't read them regularly, you're missing qutie a lot. today, "j.f.k., no to first strike" is from theodore sorenson, counsel to president kennedy. the unspoken here is that if we had engaged in a 'pre-emptive' first strike over cuba, both russia and america would be radioactive dust at this moment ... and weblogging wouldn't exist.

ny times editorial observer: monticello as the all-american melting pot. ah massa thom, the challenges of your legacy ...

ny times: some conservatives oppose reorganizing domestic security. rep. bob barr: "i always have a concern about more bureaucracy, but in this case there's not much doubt that things weren't working the way they should work." if they don't work, make a new department? spend more money? sounds pretty liberal to me. since when does throwing money at a problem, building more bureaucracy, cure anything, bob? you repubs taught us the exact opposite was the cure for welfare reform. hypocrites, one and all.

ny times: ground beef recalled. ruh-roh. rats, i didn't save the labelling (buying in bulk and freezing). maybe i'll have to toss what i've got. i had some queasies last week ...

i should have linked this yesterday: dowd, "makin' us dizzy." maureen, by prime election season, it's going to be even worse. you can bet your britches.

ny times: bush slashing aid for e.p.a. cleanups at 33 superfund toxic sites. i wonder, after reading this, if there's such a thing as the 'orphan site loophole'? it's easy to hide the assets, file a corporate bankruptcy, abandon the mess ... and reincarnate. corporate criminality, again.

reuters: world war crimes court becomes reality. very sad to see america stonewall this one.

reuters: judge finds federal executions unconstitutional.

cnn: still looking for amelia.

good mornin', good mornin', to you ... [singin' in the rain]