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mon 24 jun 02

smartftp is a fine, comprehensive ftp client for windows. did i mention it's freeware?

the economist: looking forward to a decade of deficits. "individual income-tax payments in april were 36% lower than a year ago."

the economist: the society of friends (quakers), celebrate 350 years in a few days.

ananova: offered without comment ... "military officials in austria are using mystics armed with divining rods to try and stop sleep-walking soldiers falling out of windows." i picture bob hope with his lamé genie turban ...

cnn: migrants are dying from exposure on the mexico/u.s. border. 130 degree heat, no shade.

cnn: martha stewart's net worth sinks 25%. time to think about xeriscaping, there, matty ...

on the evening news tonight, the smoke is the lead story in the area. air quality experts are warning against outdoor exertion, claiming that the particles are large enough to cause 'lung scarring', even though you can't really smell the smoke. lovely circumstance.

new york times op-ed: the politics of fútbol. safire. i like the term 'winning ugly.' put that one in my arsenal; winning isn't just success, it's style too.

ny times editorial: smoking looks even worse. so those rabid, vociferous anti-smokers have been correct, i guess. many friends i've had were inseparable from their 'butts,' so i overlooked the circumstance. maybe i need to revisit that philosophy.

ny times editorial: election law coup d'état.

toronto star: 'minority report' is breaking product placement records.

the nation: dynasties!

globe and mail: culture sleuths make strikes on the trail of stolen treasures.

santa fe new mexican: trampas fire is 25% contained, roybal is 100%. the solstice rains helped.

cnn: world wrestling has lost 35% of teen viewership. "another problem for the wwe is that the attention span of teenage boys keeps getting shorter and shorter." oh, delightful.

somehow, i've gotten on the list for the orion society, and i'm not complaining. here's a great link: did you know that the entire u.s. demand for energy could be met by covering 8% of nevada with photovoltaic panels?

follow me here follows up on my fire post. i substantially agree.

yesterday was a day of increasing obscurity, as smoke from the arizona fires blew over into new mexico. by dusk, the manzanos, sandias, jemez, and even the sangre de cristo foothills near my house were completely obscured. one didn't *smell* the smoke immediately, but the dessicated dryness in the air, the cough, the eye irritation gradually increased during the day. tough, after a rather hot day, to have to try to keep the house buttoned up, rather than wide open to catch cool night breezes.

good morning! reconfiguring some hardware; postings will be thin for a couple of hours.