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sat 22 jun 02

got some more rain last night and today. pounded this afternoon. more! more!

off to do errands, and do my weekendly visit to border's.

overheard this conversation, just a snippet:
"... i love you so much, i'd embalm you, like lenin."
"i didn't know yoko ono keeps john around!"

international blog meetup day.

introspection: "go write in your blowge."

and jarango, i like his style. a panamanian in virginia! "question authority, practice compassion, enjoy your martini." another person happy with xp, making me contemplate building an arstechnica 'hot rod' and moving all my programming over to pc.

the hermetic copybook looks interesting. this sounds like my early 20's, pitching woo. ah, the things we do when smitten.

if you're going to blogcon, consider shavehoopty.

nerdmonkey has some photo galleries up of hiking and backpacking trips. well, since everywhere in new mexico and colorado seems closed, i can live vicariously, can't i?

time to do some random surfing.

"reign of fire." anne mccaffrey meets 'blackhawk down'?

npr reconsiders their linking policy.

washington post: web thinkers warn of culture clash. an interesting piece. recommended.

tompaine: hoover dam: water wars in the american west.

searchwebmanagement.com: kick the windows habit: apache vs. iis.

zdnet: amd's thoroughbred leaves the starting gate. "only when faced with sse2-optimised software and multimedia applications such as video and audio encoding programs does the athlon xp give way to intel's pentium 4." it's that 533mhz bus.

mother jones: the rough beast returns. discussing the wave of student anti-semitism at san fran state ... and beyond. it seems our young are not being taught the nature of dogma, the principle of falsifiability, or how to engage in simple intelligent discourse ... nor how to dissent without insults, threats or violence.

times of india: egypt seeks to build nuclear weapons with chinese help.

ny times letters to the editor: social security tricks. playing 'enron' with our retirement. read it.

ny times op-ed: jousting over drug coverage. i can't help but view this as arguing over the nature of the cork, while the dike is breaking.

ny times: a novice paddles to her heritage. ah, this makes me think ... there's a big difference since the last time i portaged a canoe - now there are more chiropractors!

ny times: live like a vanderbilt. i knew i should have been a blasted lawyer ...

ny times: "la pentagate." in which the french display an almost american taste for conspiranoia. evidence of american 'cultural imperialism?'

santa fe new mexican: woman jogger sexually assaulted by two men. *two* men. that makes self-defense even harder. would mace, pepper spray, or even a dog or two help? with two assailants, and unknown weaponry ... i have doubts.

santa fe new mexican: glass, not grass. yep, we're that desperate.

reuters: the black hole of productivity. dialup at home, broadband at work? this article discusses how businesses are using software to curtail 'playtime.'

reuters: early symptoms of mad cow disease? anxiety, depression, unsteady movement, slurred speech, insomnia? i get that when working on deadline!

cnn: north koreans eating grass to survive. sounds dismal.

boy, it was a long day yesterday, wasn't it?