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tue 11 jun 02

that's enough. i'm a little burned out today.

iht: assault on civil liberties. from yesterday; i missed it.

the star.com: a reporter goes to the firing line ... with a .9mm beretta. interesting story, some interesting stats worth following up on. did david koresh get most of his weaponry at gun shows?

nj.com: the a.t.f. not included in the new 'security agency.' remember, these are the folks who track guns and explosives in america.

black world today: have we learned nothing from rwanda? isn't nuclear genocide more serious than machete genocide? what is the u.n. for?

black world today: public interest in world news unchanged by events of september 11. in america, that is.

zdnet: debut set for 2ghz mobile pentium.

onlamp: securing small networks with openbsd, part four.

tom's hardware: a new kind of fast: amd athlon xp 2200+ .

o'reilly mac devcenter: postgresql for mac os x.

newsforge: survey says ... php passes microsoft active server pages.

bbc: prince warns of g.m. crop 'threat'. "prince charles has called for g.m. research companies to be made liable for damage caused to the environment." appropriate move, methinks. but how could you put a price on destroyed biodiversity?

upi: trees next biotech crop.

nj.com: oh, this is rich. bush didn't read e.p.a. report on climate change. 'reading' means 'being briefed.'

wired: how bad can a dirty bomb be? but they only look at cesium; plutonium is still on the table, and much more lethal.

gee, i heard a rumor today that there was a rift among newspapermen. the city news reporters are getting their noses out of joint because the political columnists get space on the editorial page. supposedly they think they're god's gift. imagine that. and don't even talk about the arts reporters ...

serious instructional technology: sorry to hear the news. david carter-tod is looking for a new gig come august. i assume you'll post a rez?

chronicle of higher ed: younger (and older) than the new left.

the age.au: what's up with modern cartoons? mickey mouse in drag.

the age.au: the price of passion. costs a lot to be a professional musician.

the times of india has an interesting article, if true. rumsfeld has a special forces offer for india. "... any american military deployment is likely to be fairly modest and will officially be described by both india and the u.s. as part of the continuing war against al-qaeda." i'll be watching for this one, tomorrow.

ny times: newest skill for future ob-gyns: abortion training.

ny times: restoring an ecosystem torn asunder by a dam. "how about a little pre-cision-type earthquake right under this dam. okay? any time. right now, for instance, would suit me fine ..."

a great adventurer has passed on. harvey butchart, pioneer of the grand canyon. walk anywhere in the canyon, harvey's been there first. thanks, hal.

ny times: environmental activists arrested in car bombing, win suit. "... earth first! had a reputation for sabotage -- including a dangerous practice called tree-spiking - and that it was not unreasonable to suspect bari and cherney of transporting a bomb." whoa, horsey. that's a long stretch from a couple of nails and a hammer to tnt.

ny times analysis: a message in an arrest.

ny times: the general accounting office reports on 'white house vandalism.' the secret service even took fingerprints. versus the price of a $350 presidential seal, i wonder what it cost to lift prints and analyze them (including labor). your tax dollars, at work.

santa fe new mexican: 13,000 asked to leave their homes, south of denver. colorado's got their share of forest fires, too. unfortunately, theirs have a greater probability of torching developments ...

santa fe new mexican: more communities ban fireworks. there are some ding-dongs in the local area who believe that to ban fireworks is to curb patriotism. if i see any juicy letters to the editor, i'll retype 'em so you can read 'em.

reuters: fast food chains serve up meals at u.s. hospitals. convenient, and saves time ... i'll have a stent with my double-bacon cheeseburger and fries, please.

starting late, it's always hard to gauge what to link.

i'm back, but my time is filled at the moment. i'll see what i can fit in.

meetings first thing, this lovely morn. links later. no art, just links-later.