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mon 10 jun 02

7:46, the eclipse has started. i can see it with binocs projecting on paper.

topxml: xslt syntax highlighter.

guardian.uk: skin cancer gene 'breakthrough.'

nature: laser propels paper plane.

iwon: armed jewish residents plan patrols in new york.

stuff.co.nz: world health organization warns of potential aids disaster in afghanistan.

bayarea.com: publishers are taking web linking gripes to court. "we consider it unfair to base your business upon the works of others."

pagesix: winona may be a repeat offender.

philly.com: in saudi arabia, 19 die, 17 hospitalized after drinking cologne. guess noone's introduced them to american teenagers' "brown ale" ... listerine. gag.

washington post: nerve agents found at base in uzbekistan.

newsday.com: sharpton, jackson compete in 'stunts.'

nj.com: bush administration opposes the labeling of genetically-modified foods. personally, i want to know. those taco shells from taco bell didn't go down well at all ...

freshmeat: poor man's ids 1.3, php pinboard 1.1, mysql backup 2.6.

ibm developerworks: updating your python reading list, part 3.

newsforge: can't give up your windows applications? win4lin 4.0 is for you.

the register: microsoft-funded think tank propagates open-source lies. good one to read, with a link to the original paper at the bottom of the page.

os news: review of 'audacity,' free multi-track audio editor.

sunspot: pollution mars park vistas. if you want a nice view, buy a postcard.

independent.uk: pollution is a sin. "... we witness death approaching on account of trespassing against limits that god placed on our proper use of creation ..." jerry? pat? george?

becoming human. a journey through evolution.

cnet: security product to lock down instant messaging, p2p.

cnn: godzilla goes from kitsch to high art. put it next to andy warhol, maybe. botticelli? nah.

slashdot: amd introduces the athlon xp 2200+.

ah, a titillating email. 'increase your bust size!' no thanks.

bbc: book taste linked to dreams. now, that's a more fascinating link than i've come across in a while. i'll have to correlate my dreams with my preferences in the science fiction and fiction genre generally ... and what overall archetypal themes they present.

the wilson quarterly: undisciplined.

oc register: the missing stradavarius.

the art newspaper: how did the villa of papyri get into this state?

new york times letters to the editor: pursuit of wealth, for good or ill. the second letter. "the more productive a man is, the greedier he deserves to be." but how do such productive people reconcile greed with the seven deadly sins?

ny times editorial: two good ones ... gaming the drug patent system, and justice detained.

ny times: looks like the ivory woodpecker is still extinct.

the new york times article on blogs. 'inherently political'. hmmmph. a rift? if the warbloggers believe they were the first to look 'outward', then yes, there's a rift ... or maybe a reaganesque 'common sense gap.' surely they must realize that political discussion has been a constant thread even in tech and diary weblogs. the journalists who write these articles have no history with weblogging, and neither the journalists nor the newer 'pundit-style' [to use their terminology] bloggers seem to read archives or old discussion group postings ... and that, my friends, is a crying shame. even webloggers must take in their own history. at american samizdat, it's instructive to go back in the archives of each site of the the alliance of world-weary webloggers to read about september 11, and the approaching war. the alliance page was set up ten days after the attack, pointing to weblogs who had shelved their 'normal' postings to cover this crisis ... and our power as aggregators of varied news sources in association with first-person accounts, and off-the-cuff emotion is staggering. it would also be instructive to go back and read postings from these same folks in the pre-2000 election season, because everyone needs to understand that punditry has been no stranger to weblogging. the clinton impeachment was before my time [early 1999], but search scripting news for 'impeachment,' and that will probably lead you to other weblogs discussing the issue. you might even try some 'o.j. simpson' searches on the older blogs. these are only a few examples. i really don't understand, i guess, what 'warblogs' are supposed to be doing that's 'new' or 'different,' other than having their narrow classification being portrayed by the media as a divisive element in the weblogging world. "we're new! we're great!" how many times have we 'older' webloggers heard that one? we smile, remember our time in the sun, and let the youngsters have their fun. more will come, replacing these in the limelight. divisive, my foot. we all learn some things, and life goes on. -permalink-

ny times: cheap way to broadband.

ny times: andrew card does a quick backpedal. so much for independent thought.

ny times: bush plans a new 'strike first' policy. and who judges? each american four-year administration may have different priorities. this'll make the rest of the world nice and cozy ...

ny times: u.s. arrests man for allegedly planning radioactive bomb attack. does the administration intend to use the 'war on terror' as a semi-permanent war footing? awfully convenient, if so. this ambiguous footing worries me not so much now, but if we ever have the occasion to elect someone to the political right of buchanan [stranger things have happened]. i hope clear demarcations are drawn, and soon.

santa fe new mexican: "don't be afraid. do it. but expect the worst." peace corps stories.

reuters: supreme court declines review of right to own guns.

cnn: partial eclipse in the western u.s. tonight. i'm ready; cameras prepared.

some links coming soon.