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sat 08 jun 02

atomic media. 'pixel fonts for web, flash, and wireless.'

cnn/si: tyson gets his clock cleaned.

cnn: potassium iodide pills for homes around the indian point nuclear reactor. a 'just in case' step.

prometheus: why bother to think?

new york observer: bush/guiliani in 2004? at first blush, i thought this might be really tough for dems to beat. but if i remember correctly, rudy wasn't an all-time fave for minorities in the big apple. not sure about the all-important hispanic vote, however.

in these times: inside the axis of evil. iraq waits and worries. caught between two oppressive forces, the iraqi public dislikes america more than saddam, it seems.

atlantic monthly: the great in-between. "from the pancake house i drove directly to the county morgue. the contrast in ambience is not especially striking."

cjr: opinions left, opinions right.

cjr: want to be a patriot? "complaining to the pentagon is not good enough ... we should be letting the public know the restrictions under which we operate."

the art newspaper: iran's glasnost.

the economist: prints and the revolution. oh, so droll. digital cameras haven't taken over the market as much as we, in our little online world, think they have. the economist blames the difficulties in printing satisfactory photos.

ananova: archaeologists unearth six ancient egyptian tombs. i was going to link this from another source the other day, but found the text very minimal. the picture on this one makes up for the light coverage.

reuters: aw, rats. war emblem didn't make it.

the ethical art of editing. disclosure, competency and hidden agendas. that's what it's all about, ladies and germs.

freshmeat: sky-fire [linux firewall], imagemagick [update].

ny times books: evangelical sales are converting publishers.

builder.com: five site-accessibility tips to help comply with section 508.

kim kommando: links about restoring furniture.

ibm developerworks: speed-start your linux app.

washington monthly: low roads lead to rome. "sadly, neither the majority of today's politicians, nor the bulk of its journalists, has anything like the knowledge of roman history that any educated citizen would have possessed a century ago." nor our citizenry. and yes, it is very sad.

ny times letters to the editor: mubarak's realism.

ny times: in alaska's bear country.

ny times: the f.b.i. has a computer system that's secure, but inhibits the searching of data.

ny times: japan re-thinks the policy of pacifism, contemplating nukes. "simply put, we doubt that the united states would sacrifice los angeles for tokyo." nuclear proliferation needs to be nipped off, now. not later. now. unfortunately, our administration won't do it.

ny times: victims' remains found in adjacent buildings to ground zero.

santa fe new mexican: a new grocery store to open, bringing krispy kreme donuts to santa fe. trucked in from the albuquerque kk, so i have to assume greasy pickins ...

just noodling. if you don't have summat else to do, these are good reads, and good contemplation fodder.

j. hector st. john de crevecoeur: letters from an american farmer.

james madison: a memorial and remonstrance.

james russell lowell, from the bigelow papers. ez fer war ...

helen hunt jackson, from 'a century of dishonor.'

poems by james weldon johnson. to america, black mammy.

john dewey: democracy and education.

vachel lindsay: abraham lincoln walks at midnight.

charles eliot norton: true patriotism.

henry david thoreau: a plea for captain john brown.

grover cleveland: "the communism of combined wealth and capital, the outgrowth of overweening cupidity and selfishness which assiduously undermines the justice and integrity of free institutions, is not less dangerous than the communism of oppressed poverty and toil which, exasperated by injustice and discontent, attacks with wide disorder the citadel of misrule."

edward bellamy, looking backwards.