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tue 04 jun 02

our local pbs television station is running the "police: synchronicity tour" video. i miss the police. but anyway, this song struck a chord, with pakistan and india on the brink, so i thought i'd share it: one world (not three). have a peaceful night, world.

cnn: whale watching threatens killer whales.

bug bios.

american religion data archive.

serverwatch: netcraft survey highlights for may.

new version of expat.

text to html. perl.

bbc: bone find may rewrite history. humans may have been present in britain 200,000 years earlier than previously thought.

bbc: a spate of dog attacks in britain.

msnbc: vatican takes aim at the american press.

cnn: testing einstein's special theory of relativity ... in space.

it's been a year and a day since the curmudgeon went dark.

enough rain to *almost* wet the ground.

11:40 a.m., looking east. you can see the increase in wind's blown some of the smoke away. it has now begun to rain, since this photo was taken:

storm overhead, june 4, northern new mexico.

freshmeat: purepost 0.5, spyce 1.0.4 [apache, python].

zdnet: top 10 portal pitfalls - and how to avoid them.

the sky's blue to the east, black overhead, orange to the west. at ground level, the horizons are obscured by smoke. i hope this storm drops some precip, to clear out the air.

tech central station: say it ain't so, george. "bush may be suffering from 'front-runner disease.'"

linux planet: tutorial: adding additional hard drives in linux.

userlocal.com: slackware 8.1 rc 2 released.

smh.com.au: new virus affects both windows and linux.

bbc: japan ratifies kyoto pact.

cnet: retail pc sales wilt in april.


slashdot: aopen debuts the gfnniest motherboard ever. it uses vacuum tubes; if you've used a tube amp, you know the benefits.

i hear thunder. man, is this a weird day.

washington post: why johnny won't read. i have fond memories of passing around well-worn copies of harrison's 'the stainless steel rat' [slippery jim digriz] series ... that's a teenager's "guy" book.

moby lives: snobby beach books. "yes, run out and get that fat new tom clancy book and just start hitting yourself over the head with it. no need to read it. books, it seems, are actually supposed to be thought–deadening."

chronicle of higher education: arts journalism longa, space shorta. poor title.

new york post: even the metropolitan museum of art is seeing a drop in attendance.

new york times editorial: south asia's hair trigger. "petulance is a luxury these nuclear rivals can no longer afford."

ny times op-ed: gun shows; the one loophole in the war on terrorism that the bush administration refuses to close. "that's a powerful gun," he said. "it's the only one i know that can put a round through bulletproof glass."

ny times op-ed: greed is bad. "... we can see the theory's fatal flaw: a system that lavishly rewards executives for success tempts those executives, who control much of the information available to outsiders, to fabricate the appearance of success."

ny times: nasa presses its search for extraterrestrial life.

ny times: the white house has 24 hours to turn over enron papers.

ny times: letter writer with grudge burned coroner, police say. "next, he wrapped dr. smith from head to toe in barbed wire — gagging him with it to prevent him from crying out." read it. and we worry about al-qaeda.

ny times: a prime example of anything-goes executive pay.

even the new york times is doing it; not researching information. egypt warned u.s. of a qaeda plot, mubarak asserts. see my topmost post from yesterday. this is not new, though the media and the government are treating it as such.

reuters: u.s. rape victims "shortchanged" in the e.r. one would think there would be a standard 'protocol' for treatment of rape. but then, i'm theorizing about things which i know little.

cnn: amorous dolphin targeting swimmers.

i'm going to assume, since the local stations aren't going ape, that the risk is distant. on to the normal daily routine. y'know, last set of fires, i was a renter, not a property owner. puts a whole new spin on things.

8:40 a.m.: can't even see the foothills ... in that second shot, there should be mountains in the background. lots of mountains.

smokey morning, june 4, northern new mexico.

smokey morning, june 4, northern new mexico.

television had a brief blurb about a fire up near tesuque pueblo. that's closer. it's the amount of smoke here that concerns me. damned media doesn't give *any* info ...

woke up this morning to the smell of strong smoke. looked outside ... no mountains! bad memories of the cerro grande fire. rush to the television, nothing. radio, nothing. check krqe.com, and find out a slew of fires have broken out east of santa fe, out in colfax county (a long way off, really). i'll post a picture in a few minutes, so you can see what east winds have brought us ...