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sat 01 jun 02

we've got some scattered storms overhead. lightning, thunder ... where's the rain? bring it all down, zeus ...

freebsd 4.6 release delayed.

the register: wide screen imacs coming in q3. ruh-roh. i might jump for a 17 or especially a 19.

cnet: judge disallows microsoft retaliation memo. a shame.

the virtual e.r.

the modern word.

quadrant sign code exposed. whuzza?

cnn europe: u.s. slammed as e.u. ratifies kyoto.

nature: czech republic first for light pollution law.

freshmeat: freshmeat.net: mysql_cbn 0.2.

linux journal: is beauty only pixel deep?.

i've installed the link-rel for rss auto-discovery, using the newsisfree xml file for dangerousmeta! let me know if it doesn't work.

andrea: sunset in bonn. maybe we should do a 24-hour round-the-world sunset site as a new btc project ...

spiked: all cultures are not equal.

i'll dive into the times of india for this: pak nukes india's economy with nuke talk. i don't remember it being one-sided, do you? who initiated the nuclear discussion? i thought it was the *media* in general ...

one and two new york times editorials spank the bush administration.

new york times letters to the editor: keeping a forest safe. "... only 1.4 million acres would be permanently protected, which doesn't even match the low standard set by the reagan administration ..."

new york times: graying now, mccarthyites keep the faith. "they allow more than one truth." good grief; have our historians gone flabby?

new york times: fleeced by celebrex and vioxx?

new york times: the sept. 11 fund is causing some consternation for families. waiving the right to sue is a big step.

new york times: the mini cooper s. drool ... but i'm probably too tall.

santa fe new mexican: las campanas counteroffers. they'll reduce a little now, but no further ... even if it gets worse.

reuters: musharraf declares nuclear option unthinkable. "we've called for denuclearisation of south asia, so we've called for a reduction of forces." the new york times has a different take, however: eyeball to eyeball, and blinking in denial.

cnn: judge - military must pay for abortion.

cnn: justice official - many warning signs before sept. 11.

my beloved 90-year-old grandmother is in the hospital. if you have time in your day, please say a prayer for a proper southern lady, 'miz powell.' she's tough, and has bounced back before ... but the physicians are grim at this juncture. she'd stick me with a needle (as she used to, when i teased her while she was sewing) if she read this, but i think the hospital food might just do her in. i partook of some of it when my father passed away years ago. i'll never forget the particularly diesel-flavored bean soup that almost required a heimlich maneuver to get down ...