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thu 30 may 02

the virtual religion index.

stone mother, the origin of man.

sumerian mythology faq.

here be dragons.

encyclopedia mythica.

marvels and tales, the journal of fairy tale studies.

the little red riding hood project.

pyrrhus, of the term pyrrhic victory. plutarch.

ananova: "miss universe is a cop." nice uniform, oxana.

msnbc: congress prepares for 'worst case.' "... the events have led to a wholesale re-examination of how congress would continue if many of the 435 house members and 100 senators were killed or seriously injured."

reuters: abdominal fat tied to heart attack risk. er, add russian twists to my abdominal routine ...

cnn: daniel pearl's widow gives birth to a 6 pound, 19 inch baby boy. adam d.

cnn: that mount hood helicopter crash is a helluva thing to watch. i think you can see the crewmembers get thrown; about the third turn, you see one, then another multi-limbed object leave the open side doors ... one getting rolled over. i hope the crewmembers make it. the local news mentioned that all air force emergency helicopter crews are trained in albuquerque, so in essence these folks are 'locals' to us.

someone inserted this into my referrers, and i have to say thank you: cloudhoppers and cluster ballooning. what a way to fulfill a childhood fantasy!

the fedex man just rang. my new terraframe just arrived from northern mountain supply. i'm quite happy. look at the difference in the hipbelts, from my old pack to this new one! click the picture to read more.

look at that wimpy old hipbelt!

i guess i can now tell when papascott drops by. i see this [http://blo.gs/?tiny=1&target=_content] in my referrers. neat little feature on your blog, papa.

come to think of it, when i have a chance, i guess i should try using a color-coding system for news sources on my links page ... you know, red for controversial, blue for conservative, and the spectrum for in-between, with a key. maybe it would be good to follow-through on the main weblog page, too. gotta think about it some more. it would certainly help readers (and myself) judge story pertinence.

laura of interestingmonstah sent over an interesting dialogue rating india/pakistan news sources. a belated 'welcome back', laura. i've been remiss! forgive me.

last evening, i posted an ananova link about a monkey aids vaccine. billsaysthis reminds me of his posting about vaxgen's advances in this direction. more back-and-forth in the discussion area.

slashdot: no-cost staroffice licensing for institutions.

washington post: hesitant hawks. "europe may not have broadened bush's perspective or changed his mind, but the pentagon surely did."

voa: anthropologist studies matriarchal islamic society.

cosmiverse: a correlation between earthquakes and tides. now, i wonder if they can tie them to moon phase?

national review: progress and islam. the mini-enlightenment that was andalusia.

editor and publisher: libraries threaten paid online news archives.

new scientist: had the smallpox vaccine when you were a kid? it's long since lost its effectiveness.

nzz online: iran's cautious non-muslims - armenians, jews, zoroastrians - and the mullahs.

healthscout: innocent blows to the chest can kill. don't teach your kid to field the hard way. btw, interesting stuff in general at healthscout. seems good. alwin?

cnn world: afghan, turkmen leaders in pakistan for gas summit. if you're a bush/cheney conspiracy freak, this situation is worth monitoring.

speaking of which, there've been a pair of mountain bluebirds (a brighter, silvery-blue with white underparts, as opposed to the usual darker blue/rust western bluebird) hanging out in my general vicinity. if i can get a pic, i will. they are gorgeous. one of those sights that make you stop in your tracks.

greenpeace has a weblog. 'bout time.

wired: soccer players dislike new 'high-tech' soccer ball.

the register: ms-exchange 2000, excel xp security flaws.

cnet: amd cuts prices to match intel. man, it must be like riding a rollercoaster to work for those two companies. exciting. i really enjoy the one-upmanship.

abc news: global warming definitely caused by humans. take that, george.

science daily: ozone losses may be speeding up at higher latitudes, according to university of colorado study.

zdnet: you're a software scofflaw.

lake effect: with russia in nato, what of china?

eurotrip, "your backpacking europe site". via andrea.

looks like i'm not the only one concerned about ozzy osbourne's mental state. i'm getting hits from google for this particular search about every fifteen minutes. sorry, karl.

sfgate: 'payola', cash for radio to play specific artists, resurfaces. then, is any top 40 hit really a hit? does this mean hip-hop might not really be popular?

guardian.uk: too much american tv in britain.

guardian.uk: italy's looted ethiopian obelisk damaged by lightning. somehow, couldn't you imagine a deep voice from the heavens, "return my obelisk, now" ... thunder, lightning, special effects ...

ny times op-ed: safire's "cures" for indo/pak tensions.

ny times letters to the editor: junk food time bomb.

ny times: an unpublicized aspect of the monetary payout for w.t.c. victims: gay partners will receive some funds. or, at least, this is the first i've heard of it out west here ...

i mean, i'm glad the truth is out, but it could have waited a bit, rather than smack dab on the day of the memorial.

ny times: fbi chief admits september 11 might have been preventable. another 'hurt' for the families of september 11, on an emotional day. unfortunate timing, methinks. further ny times analysis.

also, my condolences about your friend, craig.

booknotes: george bush is an ignoramus. craig, my friend, it's amazing how history repeats itself. a quote from ronald reagan, after his latin american trip, washington post, december 6, 1982: "well, i learned a lot ... i went down to find out from them and their views. you'd be surprised. they're all individual countries." my italics. pfffft.

santa fe new mexican: firefighters make steady progress. the borrego fire is 60% contained, though firefighters have succeeded in cutting a perimeter. 12,000+ acres.

santa fe new mexican: no compromise. the war continues ... "the development 'cannot reasonably reduce' its use by the amount demanded by the city." build two goddamn 18-hole golf courses in the middle of the desert, and then refuse to conserve during one of the most serious droughts in our history?

reuters: a female suicide bomber has second thoughts.

cnn: feds buy back florida drilling rights. yeah, i'm wondering the same thing. what did those rights originally sell for? 'bidding credits'? for the anwr, maybe? maybe we've got a reelection ringer and an oil-company profit in the same breath here. but i'm insinuating things; gotta dig a little. later: ny times gives more depth, and answers some of my queries.

cnn: rumsfeld is heading to india and pakistan. the accountant to the rescue ...

it is appropriate to bow my head for the ceremony at the world trade center site. it's hard for me to believe that 1,600 individuals are gone without a trace; i can only imagine the pain the families are going through. this may be all the closure they'll get. my heart goes out to all of them.

running late, for various reasons this morning. links soon.

like a switch, every year around may 31, the weather changes ... from variable, windy, cool ... to 90-100 degree hot, still and sunny. it's here a day early.