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tue 28 may 02

women's enews: second- and third-wave feminists clash over the future.

guardian.uk: a blasphemy trial out of the 17th century.

notes from the road.

cnet: security flaw in excel. watch those xml stylesheets.

freshmeat: endymion mailman web-mail 3.2.6, xml security library 0.0.6, webcleaner 0.38, minkowsky [outlook-like].

washington post: israel builds a fence around jerusalem. sounds a bit like the short-sightedness of the old maginot line ...

ny times: the last standing girder at the world trade center site is cut down.

congrats, john.

american indian quarterly: new age commercialization of native american spirituality. want celtic/native american? or how about sufi or tibetan/native american? yoga sweat lodges on a vision quest? we got 101 flavors in santa fe ... and all aimed squarely at your pocketbook. via wood s lot.

fire bans in colorado.

reuters: intel cuts chip prices, up to 53%.

cnn: telecoms "called" on opt-out approach. one circumstance i just opted out of, used the old 'switch the number' routine ... you know, where you answer yes or no, one or two ... then for the last deciding question, they switch the numbers from no to one, yes to two. then, if you get that right, the line hangs in dead silence, for fifteen minutes ... before giving you a confirmation code. dirty pool.

"a man must invest himself near at hand and in common things,
and be content with a steady and moderate return,
if he would know the blessedness of a cheerful heart
and the sweetness of a walk over the round earth."
- john burroughs, the exhilarations of the road

abc news: godzilla cited as threat source. zubaydah may be playing with interrogators.

cnn: hot summer vacations, in a yurt?

folks have been asking me what registrars i've collected to look at [haven't made up my mind yet]. thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my questions! these are the suggestions, in no particular order:


philadelphia inquirer: mismanaging deer, pennsy style. between deer and geese, it's a hell of a situation. danke, karl.

newsforge: xp doesn't like to share with linux.

linux planet: basics for adopting linux/open source.

the register: european parliament poised to cave in on internet privacy?

the register: pda's make easy pickings for data thieves. don't leave your financial information on one ... later: a reader from mexico suggests that there are plenty of good encryption programs out there, and recommends strip.

iht: slavery's role at williamsburg. in contrast with monticello's whitewashing.

investigating patterns: symmetry and tessellations.

bbc: e.u. proposes radical fishing cuts.

upi: inching to nuclear disaster. "international defense experts say that because of its strategic weakness, pakistan may resort to nuclear defense more quickly than india."

kyodo: ozone layer to recover around 2040: japanese team study.

tweakers: pc1066 rdram vs. ddr sdram.

tom's hardware: how to select the right case for your computer.

linux today: acrobat reader 5.05 for linux.

the upgrade to radio 8.08 resolved some of my self-inflicted problems, so now maybe i can revisit my old templates again, when i have time. btw, i'm no longer updating the account at the userland server, now ftp'ing to my own server. nothing there, but if you have an old bookmark, it's worth updating.

interaction 4 web app server for mac. may 2nd.

python world. python and zope, in chinese only at the present time.

onlamp: backing up files with tar.

yahoo/reuters: taliban and al-qaeda in kashmir?

ny times: from a camera at ground zero, rare photos of an agonizing dig. see the images here.

enjoy crete, xeer. i'm jealous.

scotsman.com: fact, sitting down to read a novel is becoming fiction.

la times: are the days of film numbered?

the indian express looks to be a better source, at first glance.

new york times op-ed: paralysis in health care. beginning of a groundswell?

new york times: a sudden host of questions on bell labs breakthroughs. superconductors.

new york times: there are oceans of ice on mars.

new york times: skipping borders, tripping diction. "very good, the guy memorizes four words, and he plays like he's intercontinental."

new york times: number of foster parents drops. harkening the renaissance of the orphanage?

new york times: thieves steal homeowner's identity and equity. "identity theft carries only a three-year maximum sentence."

new york times: looking at the author of 'breaking clean', the life of a 'ranch wife.'

santa fe new mexican: how long does it take you to commute to work? santa fe county is averaging 22.1 minutes. but then, we're also driving at least ten miles, oftentimes on dirt for at least part of the way.

interesting circumstance, btw ... the tops of the sangres were covered with snow yesterday. melted by afternoon.

santa fe new mexican: the borrego fire is at 12,000+ acres, 35% containment this morning.

reuters: eat broccoli, no ulcers. well, maybe.

cnn: les paul, at 87, still plays live every week.

g--d m-rn-ng.