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fri 24 may 02

as the sun beats down this weekend, know the word "avobenzone." you'll thank me in a couple dozen years.

freshmeat: vcdphp 2.23 [php, divx], vfu file manager 3.04, kdevelop 2.1.1.

cnn: bollywood fever grips cannes festival.

the scooby doo movie site. nice touch; wallabees on fred ...

all of a sudden, i'm being plagued with 'explorer.exe has generated errors' messages. something to do with rendering photoshop icons in folder views. driving me bonkers.

cnn: possible scuba diver attacks! i keep getting the idea that a bunch of fbi folks are, all of a sudden, sitting in a room brainstorming possible security breaches. we hear one new theory each day just to keep the anxiety level high.

trying out littlemozilla skin. zope dialogs are kinda funky (the buttons get cut off at the bottom), but it gives a lot more screen space ...

blogtool pmachine 2.0 is released.

page six.com: the pope isn't pleased with celebrities wearing bejeweled crosses. "cher spokeswoman liz rosenberg said: 'why don't you tell the pope to clean up his own house.'"

msnbc: new security for closed nuke plants.

i also passed by a warning about installing the new netscape 7 concurrently with mozilla. apparently they share files, screwing up the 'tabs' features ... if i see it again, i'll link it.

anyone else notice how quickly the f.b.i. can track down individuals hosting the pearl execution video, but couldn't find middle eastern men asking to rent commercial airliner simulators? whenever i think about this, i picture star trek's ensign chekhov wandering around in san francisco, asking policemen (with his russian accent): "could you tell me where the nuclear wessels are?"

krqe.com: the fire continues to move north and east. as i've said, winds have picked up here in santa fe, and i can see the smoke and 'generated cloud' from my living room ... whereas i could not this morning.

cnn: harold lloyd beginning to receive some long-overdue respect. alas, i like chaplin, love keaton ... but adore lloyd.

cnn: ed abbey, you'll be smiling ... they're working to invent the 'fartless bean.'

hmmm. speaking of fire hazards, the winds are picking up seriously again. those firefighters will have one devil of a time today.

a list apart: a simple client-side content management system ... using rebol. martin's off for a week, but if i post this, it'll show up in his referers ...

our latest acquisition in santa fe, 'inside the tumble dryer', has put up a 'fire information' page for locals. 'arroyo hondo', dude? you live in that 'special' part of town ... wish i could've afforded a place there. you'll forgive me for removing your email address from the discussion area. had a problem with bots grabbing email addresses, so i dropped the feature ... you'd find spam email wending your way faster than you can say "pootie poot" ...

over at xeer, the irish are having a field day with the keane/maccarthy world cup controversy.

iwon: there's a second 'american taliban'.

jordan times: israel detains a second reuters journalist. held without charge, that is.

washington times: democratic social security memo gives g.o.p. smoking gun. just watching both sides, inside the beltway. screwed-up and misdirected email must be a great source of entertainment.

asahi.com: 'twiggy' is back, pushing credit cards in japan. (ignore the 'install japanese language pack' if it pops up.)

doctor's guide: breast cancer may be thwarted by carotenoids. eat them carrots, ladies.

bbc: aboriginal health 'scandalous'.

msnbc: tainted meat is eluding u.s.d.a. detection. "the report accused u.s.d.a. of operating under a 'don't look, don't find policy' that is 'fundamentally deceiving the public with false reassurances' about the safety of meat." i guess we'll soon be back to 'survival of the fittest' ...

alertnet: arc: women are key to sierra leone's future. "economically marginalised and disempowered women can be reached but it must be on their own terms, and in ways that satisfy their own needs."

freshmeat: stphplibrary 0.1.3 [php, oop], normalize 0.7.4 [mp3 volume], secure ftp wrapper 2.5.1.

china daily: 'aero-ballet' sends airshow interest sky-high.

silicon valley: silicon valley industrial pollution plunges "toxic pollution from factories and industrial sites has fallen 77 percent across california since 1988." braggin' rights. good for california! i wonder what that does for the l.a. smog dome ...

linux world: gnome vs. kde revisited.

os news: preview, gobe productive 3 for linux. screenshots.

national journal: some like it hot. does the media have a liberal bias or a conservative bias? how about a scandal bias?

zdnet: id numbers for cd's and dvd's?

chronicle of higher ed: evolution, men, and violence. i hate this article! (*slam* *bang* *crash*) ... ok, i feel better now. actually, it was kind of interesting ...

times online.uk: local radio is a lifeline. "newspapers stop coming when transport is blocked. television and the internet are no good without power or phone lines. but almost nothing can stop you listening to your old battery-powered trannie." excellent point. if you look at weblogs from such a perspective, we're all little 'pirate' radio stations broadcasting in the sea of the 'net. maybe we should back up with radio transmitting equipment ... (grin) ... hey, you're buying that 802.11b stuff anyway, right?

i just ran across this, from the may 21 globe and mail: u.s. issues new warnings on terror. catch that first paragraph: "... the white house quietly acknowledged that the threats are not urgent and that they are partly motivated by political objectives."

usa today: arts education has an academic effect. i guess you want your kids to be well-rounded, everything in moderation.

times of india: india, u.s. tie up defense under shadow of nuclear war.

times of india: u.s. hikes immigrant visa fee.

new york times letters to the editor: educated consumers. i've railed on this for a while now, having been 'in the business.' children need to understand basic television production techniques. what makes a real interview, what a jump cut is and does, how you differentiate fact from opinion, etc. these are essential tools for everyone who wishes to try to glean 'truth' from mass media.

ny times op-ed: a french philosopher talks back to hollywood and 'the matrix'. he has the right; it seems the movie garnered much inspiration from his book. i'd like to read this one ...

ny times op-ed: multiculturalism at monticello. aw, the new york times is being nice to these folks. i can't figure out what the point of the editorial is, can you?

ny times op-ed: junk food jitters.

ny times: water crisis grows into a test of u.s./mexico relations. the rio grande river? you mean the rio grande ditch!

ny times: student tied to moussaoui gave f.b.i. a disturbing portrait.

ny times: sailors sprayed with nerve gas, biological agents in cold war test. anyone interested in enlisting?

santa fe new mexican: the borrego fire, near truchas and cordova, grew from 400 acres to 6000 acres yesterday afternoon in 35 mph winds. as it spreads eastward, it's burning pecos wilderness land, but i don't believe there are any more real 'populated' areas in its path.

reuters: prisoners escape as guards chase rabbit. i hope the rabbit escaped, too.

reuters: windows xp patch to comply with anti-trust deal.

reuters: pakistan plans missile tests. sabre-rattling, updated for the nuclear age.

reuters: bush and putin sign arms deal; differ on iran. putin tweaks bush on steel tariffs. good for him. text of the treaty, courtesy ny times.

cnn: senate clears trade bill, but questions remain.

cnn: warnings of rail and transit attacks. then again, a ostensible 'suicide bomber' might get mugged in the n.y.c. subway.

forget "pootie-poot" and dubya ... let's get to what's important today: mozilla 1.0 rc3.