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thu 23 may 02

sfgate: a new trial for the san fran dog mauling?


ananova: whale faeces research gets cool reception from japan. "the japanese are saying you have to kill a whale and get its stomach contents in order to understand diet." i don't think anyone buys this pitch.

ananova: 425 million year old dna sample found.

you've probably seen this before, but if you have a digital camera, check out infrareddreams.com. they have a wonderful little test to see if your ccd picks up infrared ... point a television or audio system remote at your camera, and press a button. look at the lcd screen to see if you can see 'light' from your remote. if so, you can do infrared.

cnn: fbi agent blows whistle on moussaoui probe. spelling this guy's name just slays me. i think i've got it now.

freshmeat: www forum 0.8.3, thinksql rdbms 0.4.03.

the international molinological society. 'molinology' ... interest in mills.

the west australian: alcoa knew its plant emissions were harming workers. i suppose if one boycotted every greedy unethical corporation, we'd be standing naked in a field. and these jokers are our 'ambassadors' in developing countries ...

washington post: official count of september 11 victims. 3,056 souls.

bbc news has a comments area up about the possible closing of the sangatte refugee camp in france (on the other side of the chunnel). interesting reading.

bbc: "pootie-poot" and dubya. i think i'm gonna be sick.

the winds have picked up this afternoon ... the borrego mesa fire is threatening truchas (on the high road to taos), just east of chimayo. local tv station krqe has the info. seems to me, even during 'calm' periods, truchas remains windy. lots of canyons there; this is going to be a tough one to put out.

reuters: bin laden aide talks, sets off alarms in u.s. "while u.s. officials say the united states does not use torture to extract information, techniques being used probably included mind games, perhaps reducing the dose of painkillers used to treat his three gunshot wounds received during capture and threatening his family." i don't know about you, but this sounds like torture to me ...

cnn: lesser-known wilderness areas. i dislike articles like this ... leave the pristine areas for we who appreciate, not for the blasted rv-and-car-camping crowd.

cnn: wildfires in colorado. but they're expecting snow to help put out the fire. remember, it's not summer here ... yet.

nj.com: unmanned robotic combat aircraft makes its first flight. one pilot can control multiple planes. hate to say it, but maybe reagan was right. these kids playing videogames ... they may be our military future. nearly killed me to say that.

bbc: inflatable muscle suits for your grandma. don't laugh ... well, being inflatable, they might also cut the risk of hip fractures, no?

boston globe: joe cobb, 85, child actor in 86 'our gang' comedies. nice to be remembered as 'the fat kid', for posterity, hmmm? mr. cobb was part of the silent episodes. that's a loooong time ago.

cw360: reuters boost for linux.

national post online: vaccine aims to kill cancer, by refocusing body's immune system on cancer cells. changed the title to be more accurate.

black world today: an open letter to yasser arafat, by jesse jackson, sr. "terrorist attacks can destroy, but they cannot build. they can generate fear, but not hope. they can revenge past injury, but cannot rebuild future prospects. in the end, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, leaves everyone blind, toothless and bloodied."

msnbc: species chosen for genome project. there's a fungus amongus, along with a few other species.

iwon: ocean oil pollution blamed on u.s. rivers and boats.

freshmeat: middleman 0.8.

washington post: national enquirer to publish photos of harris and klebold. the columbine shooters, remember? the reporter claims harris shot klebold, and that the pictures portray that scenario.

cnet: an online version of myst.

enough of the fluff. gotta get some work done.

cnn in-style: choosing a 'bottle tan.' out here in santa fe, i see so many women (and men) with haggard, lined, dry faces. aged way beyond their years. the neck in particular, below the chin and above the collarbone, exhibits your tanning history. be good to yourself in later years; wear spf 15 or higher, and use a bottle tan for color.

black world today: joint letter to the u.s. department of state on western sahara.

zdnet: flash arrives for pocketpc.

zdnet: solaris 9 versus mainframe linux. "clearly sun has been looking at and learning from the competition."

ananova: some idiot's dumping what look to be cow eyeballs in missouri gardens. when they catch the person, i wonder what the charge will be?

wired: 'physics time' and 'human time.' hmmm. what about 'bullet time'?

the register: ain't it ironic? the windows debugger is, well, buggy.

the register: amd's hammer goes graphics crazy.

bookcrossing.com. share your book with the world, and track where it goes.

environmental news service: unep 30 year outlook: development conquers earth. we need 'sustainable development' guidelines.

environmental news service: energy task force documents show industry influence.

dw-world.de: nuclear disaster threatens central asia. not what you think ... read on.

kde 3.0.1 release announcement.

newsforge: zend makes money by making php easier to use.

newsforge: new violators of the d.m.c.a. ... reuters, yahoo, cnn, etc. etc. if you penalize for decss, then the justice department must enforce this. time to run the dmca up against free speech, once and for all.

washington times: democrats report dissatisfaction with their party.

new york post: hollywood abandons new york?

times of india: prime minister writes to bush: we have no faith in musharraf.

rio grande national forest in colorado (just over the border from new mex) is still open, though with stage 2 fire restrictions (may 15; pdf).

just got word from a friend: all but two of arizona's national forests are closed, with the other two to follow suit within a week. so no hiking or backpacking in arizona, either. i'll have to check colorado ...

new york times home and garden: up a tree on an isle of green.

new york times: abortion debate stalls bankruptcy bill. oh, this must be fun to sit in on: "... senator patrick j. leahy of vermont, the normally even-tempered democratic chairman of the senate judiciary committee, angrily reminded his colleagues that he had been designated as a target for violent attacks, even assassination, on a web site run by abortion opponents ..."

new york times: white house asked fbi about unreported threats, post-september 11.

new york times: a bullet to the brain for race dogs in alabama.

new york times: five, including fbi agents, are named in a conspiracy. "mr. elgindy is a short seller, an investor who borrows shares and then sells them, hoping to buy them back later at a lower price, pocketing the difference." he was just arrested on tuesday. a short seller. hmmm. too easy. september 11 ...? nah.

new york times: india and pakistan are going at it. this must be what everyone else in the world thinks when they see the u.s. take up arms ... "will they, or won't they?"

the new york times has an entire section on digital photography.

ny times: al-qaeda tip spurred alert in new york.

santa fe new mexican: wildfire rages in northern new mexico. the winds are calmer today; perhaps they'll make more progress.

santa fe new mexican: republicans call for state voter-identification law. "... the state needs a law that would require voters to present identification at the polls to prevent voter fraud, which they say is rampant in new mexico." where's the proof?

reuters: online ad slump not as bad as previously thought.

cnn: captured al-qaeda say flight 93 was aimed at the white house. if so, then why did the 'pentagon plane' do a loop around the mall?