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wed 22 may 02

ananova: "the rain machine."

reuters: i'll take a 'digestible' camera over an endo- or sigmoidoscopy any day of the week.

cnn: records show atta may have been in n.y.c. on sept. 10. getting gps coordinates for the world trade center? don't think badly of sporty's ... sporty's pilot shop is the best aviation store in the u.s.

with conversant climbing daypop, it finally *is* the talk of the 'net ... congrats, guys.

get yourself a genuine termite-hollowed digeridoo. and don't forget to pick up a bullroarer while you're there. good for andropovosphere ...

the moai restoration project. you sleep. we will watch ... forever.

haven't picked up my classical in months. i'm rusty. rhythm's the thing that hits me hardest. my teachers made me live with a metronome wired to my head. the electronic ones give me hives; i've got a big old wind-up wood one for 'real' work. and spanish/flamenco rhythms are a cast-iron bitch ...

git outta here.

blues and bulerias for wood s lot,
and for peace. guitarmeme via booknotes

by just 'being,' i own the word "soliloquy" on alta vista. do i get a cookie?

i must be working too hard. how'd i miss this? zope magazine. sounds a bit pricey, but i will probably bite ...

looks like the body found in the washington park was chandra levy. authorities theorize she may have been jogging ...

just saw michael j. fox live in washington on cnn. so sad. parkinson's seems to be advancing very swiftly for him.

zmag: the c.e.o.-worker wage gap.

topxml: how to select distinct items from xml via xslt.

voa news: the giro d'italia is getting slammed with doping issues. it's definitely harming the 'enjoyment' factor of watching sports, y'know?

science daily: new evidence for dark dwarf galaxies supports dark matter theory.

washington post: what's fishy about oil supplements.

epn worldreporter.com: backpack journalism. marry this to a weblog and you've got something, folks. i would be surprised if most of us didn't have the basics for this kind of setup.

atlanta journal-constitution: cjr editor warns against dangers of media monopolies.

common dreams: tv documentary about the u.s. love of firearms makes history. "... the bullets used to kill 12 students and a teacher at the columbine high school in littleton, colorado, in 1999 were bought for 17 cents each from a wal-mart supermarket and encourages two teenage boys who still have bullets lodged in their spines after the columbine attack to return bullets to the chain."

men's fitness: running shoe round-up.

the star.com: al qaeda cell driven from ontario.

bbc: posters will help you "know your crops." i have to say, if you can't tell corn from carrots, you're in sad shape.

slashdot: new "sqlsnake" microsoft worm.

bbc: malaysia 'laundering rainforest logs'. check the manufacturer labels on garden furniture, or any exotic woods you consider purchasing.

linux journal: 802.11 wireless networks: the definitive guide.

o'reilly security alerts: openssh 3.2.2 released.

evolution of cross-site scripting attacks.

new york times letters to the editor: as terror fever rises in america.

new york times editorial: high plains dust. the wind's still blowing today; tasting a bit of that high desert dust.

new york times: divers discover mayan relics in underwater caves.

new york times: man and craft were one, as a new age began. my grandmother still remembers her first sight of an airplane, over a field in tennessee. the entire farming community ran to church, because it *must* have been one of the horsemen of the apocalypse ...

new york times: now this is entertaining ... runner's high, or addiction to near-death experience? pffft.

santa fe new mexican: strong winds gust through city. clines corners got 56 mph; my house is on higher ground. our newly-budded rose bushes are pretty well beaten to death, so the picture i posted is the most 'pristine' rose you'll see here for a week or so.

reuters: al qaeda, taliban were smuggled into europe. planning a holiday in britain. probably hanging out on the french side of the chunnel, right?

reuters: bottled water can harbor microbes. drinking a perrier at the moment; glad i don't have to worry about cholera ...

cnn: another iceberg breaks loose from antarctica.

cnn: senate to subpoena white house on enron. oh, this'll be fun. the new york times on the same story.

cnn: they may have found chandra levy ... in pieces.

hey, i think i can do some news snarfing now ...

rafe's got an important item if you use scripts from "matt's script archive." i don't know of anyone who hasn't been there at least once ... (grin) ...

to repeat a request from yesterday, i want to switch a bunch of domains away from netsol/verisign. who do you like? who do you use? email me or leave a message in the discussion group. i've gotten three good suggestions so far that i'll research this evening.

my meeting went swimmingly this morning. swimmingly! now the stress can bleed off a bit. i needed to create a sort of thumbnail/gallery site that allowed a novice to update multi-column pages. using <dtml-var> and a little zope magic, i created markup that hides all the html and puts things into plain english. the ease of the zope management interface for uploading images needs no enhancements, thank goodness. the whole thing needs a touch more work, but i'm darned happy at the moment. when your client says "my, this seems very simple," after a little hands-on time ... you know you've got it sussed.