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wed 15 may 02

there's a pack of coyotes just outside my courtyard, yipping and howling away. it's only 11:30 pm; that's a bit early for them. they usually cruise by at 2.

just fyi, here's a list of major flight schools ... though i'd wager any student looking for jet or jet-simulator time would run through flightsafety. now, how hard would the fbi's job have been? you judge.

ananova: archaeologists find a 'unique' 4,000 year old archer's grave.

reuters: housework does not equal exercise. hey, what about vacuum-squats and swiffer-deadlifts?

reuters: gwyneth paltrow acts with her toes. it's gotta be more entertaining than her outfit at the oscars ...

today's been one of those days ... y'know, when the amplifier says '10', and someone turns it to '11' ... ?

reuters: carter's got gumption, that's for sure. as an 'elder statesman', there's nothing left to lose ...

freshmeat: consultcomm [java project timekeeping].

slashdot: siva vaidhyanathan on copyrights and wrongs.

slashdot: world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered island.

cnet: two-piece cell phone cuts radiation. thanks to bluetooth.

newsweek: global warming is good for venice.

nasa earth observatory: nasa scientists use empty skies to study climate change.

scientific american: segregating nuclear waste. high level here, low level there.

dp review: what is nikon coolpix 3?

ananova: jesus christ isn't a candidate in brazil.

washington post: armed kids suspected in PA holdups. 8, two 13's and a 15 year old. jeez.

newsforge: antivirus solutions for linux. and, those windows clients attached to your linux servers.

baltimore sun: senate installs loophole in 'fast-track' trade bill. it's all about checks and balances, george.

zdnet: linux outlook clone evolves.

the atlantic online: the royal we. genealogy again. but what if we're all descended from the serf who cleaned charlemagne's middens? what does that mean?

village voice: frida kahlo as icon. she's big stuff here in santa fe.

poynter.org: why arts coverage should be more like sports. arts journal wants to hear your opinion on the subject [they will publish responses].

times of india: russia, china top bribe-givers list.

times of india: palestinian state has backing of israelis.

ny times opinion: ms. dowd, how could you miss the obvious benefit to the bush 9/11 photograph? that it depicts our president hightailing all over the country by plane from one hiding place to another? c'mon. if you're going to take the gloves off, take 'em all the way off. looking at the pic, i can hear the phone conversation: "virginia, hell. take me to cheyenne mountain ..."

ny times letters to the editor: you never forget your first computer. erm, well ... i dumped my first computer, my mac plus, years ago. i won't ever forget it, but i don't need more doorstops or boat anchors than i already have.

ny times: new york's best espresso. i need an i.v. of this right about now ...

ny times: in dna, new clues to jewish roots. hmmm. thinking about this in a larger context, will 'science' create a heirarchy within racial and religious groups? those with 'direct' dna are more 'pure' than others? i'm betting it will happen. i believe i have a male ancestor who's buried in a jewish cemetery down south someplace. there's no real definitive information ... but will dna prove that i'm more 'hereditarily jewish' than my neighbor who considers himself a jew? think about all the varied groups in the world, and how this will upset the status quo. yowzer. it's gonna be a fun decade ...

ny times: more are finding permanent cures for hepatitis c. the mother of a very dear friend has hep c. this gets forwarded to her, asap.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe city studies the impact of growth limits. limit growth in the city, you'll encourage bedroom communities in the surrounding county ... bringing traffic snarls at peak periods. damned if you do, damned if you don't.

reuters: hands-free phones may still be a danger for drivers. well, duh.

reuters: michelle yeoh to try her hand at production. have at it, kiddo.

reuters: last summer, an fbi memo went out warning of bin laden followers training at u.s. flight schools. oh, you can learn to fly a plane down at your local airport ... but to get hands-on with a jet (necessary to pull this attack off), there's serious odds you would have been at one of the major schools in florida. i think we have a right to know what the fbi thought they were doing, last summer. the new york times gets more in-depth. i dispute the notion that checking students out would have been 'a sizable undertaking.' but then, i am probably disputing with full 20/20 hindsight.

cnn: new antarctic iceberg, bigger than delaware.

cnn: dems slam campaign use of bush 9/11 photo. poor taste, but not worth a civil war, imho. i would expect something like this from whatever 'ruling' majority was in office. the new york times covers the same subject, mentioning the clinton lincoln bedroom incident. polarize the issue as you will; dems and the g.o.p. only care about their agenda, not the larger 'moral' issues.

allergies are sneaking past my defenses, sure as shootin'.

did the world end? all of a sudden, fifty or so spam emails this morning. good grief.